AI Safety and Trust: Tech Giants Convened At White House- A Declaration Of Commitment!

Google, Microsoft, Meta, Amazon, And Openai, Have Pledged A “Voluntary Commitment” To Heighten AI Safety

Tech Giants Convened At White House
Tech Giants Convened At White House (Photo: Inquirer Technology)


In a significant move, seven tech giants, including Google, Microsoft, Meta, Amazon, and OpenAI, have pledged a “voluntary commitment” to heighten AI safety and reduce the risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI). US President Joe Biden held a meeting with these companies on July 21. During the meeting they agreed to prioritize “safety, security, and trust” when developing AI technologies.

Pivotal Actions To Intensify AI Safety and Security

Under this pledge, to buttress AI safety and security, the companies will take several key actions:

Safety: They will test the safety and capabilities of their AI systems. They will also subject them to external testing and share the results of assessments. Aggrandizing AI safety trials will encompass potential biological, cybersecurity, and societal risks publicly.

Security: The tech giants will safeguard their AI products against cyber and insider threats. They will also collaborate to establish best practices and standards to prevent misuse. This also aims to reduce risks to society and protect national security, hence, AI safety measures include security. (More on APNews)

Trust: An essential agreement to intensify AI safety, is to make it easier for people to determine if images are original, altered, or generated by AI. Additionally, Tech Giants will ensure AI technology doesn’t promote discrimination or bias, and protect children from harm. Ensuring utilization of AI to address challenges like climate change and cancer.

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Tech Giants: What are their thoughts?

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, also participated in the meeting with President Biden with regard to AI safety and security. Their revolutionary ChatGPT AI chatbot, which has gained popularity since its launch in late 2022, has raised concerns about potential problems. These two are misinformation and bias. As the adoption of such AI tools expands, these companies recognize the importance of addressing these issues to intensify AI safety.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has warmly welcomed the agreement. This appertains to its recent launch of the AI language model, Llama 2, which is free and open source. They advocate for transparency and collaboration across various sectors.

Microsoft, another participant in the caucus, emphasizes the need to ensure AI remains ahead of potential risks, thus, ensuring the need to enhance AI safety. Microsoft’s Bing search engine now uses ChatGPT. They are continually introducing more AI tools to their services.

OpenAI sees this agreement as part of their ongoing efforts to collaborate with governments, civil society organizations, and other entities worldwide. Their main intention is to advance AI governance. They believe that today’s commitments to AI Safety and Security offer specific and concrete practices to aid ongoing discussions on AI regulations. (See reference here: CNET)

Amazon, a significant developer and deployer of AI tools and services, expressed support for voluntary commitments. They are also dedicated to driving innovation while concurrently implementing necessary safeguards for consumer protection and assurance of AI safety.

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The tech industry recognizes the importance of AI safety and has called for more tangible progress in this area. This pledge represents a milestone in bringing the industry together. Its core objective is to ensure AI benefits everyone while minimizing risks. The companies’ commitments will support global efforts by organizations such as the G7 and the OECD.

The agreement between the tech giants and the White House is a pivotal step in promoting the responsible and ethical development of AI. As the industry moves forward, it remains committed to addressing challenges. Not only that but also ensuring AI remains a powerful force for positive change in society.


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