Alabama Woman Found Guilty of Faking Kidnapping Charge

Carlethia “Carlee” Russell was convicted guilty of faking her own kidnapping this summer by an Alabama judge, sparking a manhunt for the lady.

Judge Brad Bishop found the 26-year-old guilty of two misdemeanour charges of false reporting to law enforcement officials and fraudulently reporting an event at a hearing in Hoover Municipal Court on Wednesday.

Bishop suggested a one-year jail sentence, $17,874 in restitution, and a $832 fine for each charge.

Russell has filed an appeal.

Russell was reported missing on July 13th. She contacted authorities that night to report a toddler walking alongside the highway, according to police. When police came, all they found was her abandoned car, triggering a hunt for the missing woman.

She was found safe at her house 49 hours after her disappearance, leaving many questions unanswered.

She later admitted that she had not seen a toddler on the roadway and had not been kidnapped.

Russell was then charged with two misdemeanours by the Hoover Police Department on July 28.

Russell’s attorney, Emory Anthony, informed reporters after the judgement that they are challenging the decision to incarcerate their client.

He stated that they are not opposed to making restitution.

“Under the circumstances of Class A misdemeanour, first offence, if you can find where someone were put in jail, just bring the file to me and I’ll look at it,” he added. “In general, they are not imprisoned. As a result, we completely disagree. We don’t disagree with restitution. But we disagree with locking people up and putting them in jail.”

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