All You Need To Know About A “Sudden Death” In Missouri Which Is Under Investigation

According to court documents, the former employer of a doctor discovered dead in the residence of a Missouri firefighter whose ex-fiancee committed suicide there attempted to subpoena him in a federal case.

All You Need To Know About A

Dr. Sarah Sweeney and the Best Foot Forward podiatry clinic were involved in a lawsuit and counterclaim. In that memorandum, the former claimed that Sweeney had called her partner “abusive.” It was submitted in September, a few months before the police became involved in an inquiry of her “sudden death.”

Sweeney, a 39-year-old podiatrist originally from West Virginia, was suing the St. Louis clinic she had worked for after relocating to Missouri, prior to starting her own practice. She claimed that her employer had engaged in harassment and discrimination and had neglected to pay her for the job that she had done.

Grace Holland, 35, committed suicide in 2020, and her sudden death on January 13—which is still under investigation—has garnered notice once more. Both women passed away in Robert Daus, a local fire captain,’s houses.

In an attempt to subpoena Daus, her former employer’s lawyers claimed that correspondence between the two could be “directly relevant” if it concerned her physical or mental well-being.

“During Sweeney’s employment with BFF, she was in a relationship with a person upon whom BFF and Harry have been attempting to serve with a subpoena, Rob Daubs (sic), who was according to Sweeney abusive and was suspected of murdering a previous girlfriend,” Mark Murphy, an attorney representing the defendants, wrote.

As Holland’s death was not deemed a murder, Daus has not formally been listed as a suspect.

The county medical examiner and two different police investigations determined that it was a suicide, but her family is suing him, claiming wrongful death and accusing him of abusing her as well.

Murphy was looking for texts that Sweeney sent with a former coworker, particularly those that mentioned Daus, that might have something to do with her physical and emotional well-being.

Furthermore, he had submitted a subpoena for “all electronically stored communications between [Daus] and plaintiff Sarah Sweeney.”

In the case, Sweeney stated that the clinic had refused to provide her health coverage, which led to her leaving to start her own practice and incurring debt from medical bills and business loans. She informed the court as recently as December 21 that she had only $212 in personal assets and was receiving palliative treatment because she lacked health insurance.

“I moved to St. Louis, Missouri from Texas in order to work for defendants. Due to the financial exigencies caused by that employment – by not being paid consistently or fully and by not having health insurance – I have alternately been homeless and moved several times since I arrived,” she told the court. “I am currently living with my boyfriend. Most of my belongings are in boxes.”

The clinic and its owner filed a counterclaim, alleging that she had violated a non-compete agreement, breached her employment contract, and committed libel, among other offences.

Daus’s lawyer has not answered any of our many requests for comment.

Early this week, Fox News Digital was informed by Dr. Sweeney’s family that she had cut off contact with her mother and stepfather following their delivery of news articles regarding Holland’s passing.

Holland’s family has stated that they feared domestic abuse in the months prior to her death and that the firefighter, a captain in the Maryland Heights Fire District, was in charge of her funds.

Jeffrey Hartman, the chief of police in Creve Coeur, defended the department’s probe into Holland’s death on Wednesday, stating that county police had examined the matter and reached the same conclusion: suicide.

In Sweeney’s instance, he has also advised against conjecture because her autopsy and toxicology findings are still pending.

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