Allisha Watts’ Missing Case: Where Is Allisha?

Allisha Watts, a 39-year-old citizen of North Carolina, was reported missing on July 16, 2023 when she failed to show up for an outing with her sister Stephanie and her cousin Gwendolyn. Two days after she was last seen on July 16th, her car was found. According to the police department, authorities discovered her car in Anson County, which is around 60 miles from her residence. James Dunmore, Watts’ boyfriend, was reportedly discovered unconscious inside the vehicle.

Allisha Watts' Missing Case: Where Is Allisha?
Allisha Watts’ Missing Case: Where Is Allisha?

Where Is Allisha Watts?

Allisha Watts, a 38-year-old Black woman, was reported missing from a residence in Charlotte. Police in Charlotte reported that Watts was last seen on July 16 when she was leaving a residence on Pamela Lorraine Drive. Watts may have been traveling towards Moore County while driving her black 2023 Mercedes Benz GLC 300.

According to a statement from the Anson County Sheriff’s Office, the car was discovered two days later, parked at a DMV facility in Anson County, with a guy inside who is unconscious. The guy identified as Watts’ boyfriend James Dunmore, and was taken to a local hospital without providing further details on his condition. The Anson County Sheriff’s Office learned the following day that the car was associated with Watts, they immediately conducted a search. Officers observed as the CMPD inventoried the car and had it towed to CMPD headquarters for processing. Dunmore’s status and whereabouts have not been disclosed to Watts’ family. Detectives are following all lead and using all available resources to locate Allisha Watts.

Learen Blue, who said Watts was one of her best friends, said there were too many unanswered questions from police in regards to her disappearance. They are seeking for answers today because they want to know how they can help to find their friend, sister, daughter, Allisha Watts. Police are being silent and not saying anything, it’s been too long for them to give information.

Thousand Of Black Women’s Missing Case Are Being Unsolved

Watts is one of several Black women who have gone missing in the US, and Watts’ loved ones said they wanted to make sure that her case is in the public view. According to the Black and Missing Foundation, there are around 6,000 cases of missing Black people in their database, many of which remain unsolved. Black Families claim that while White women and children’s cases are given more priority, their cases involving missing persons are sometimes not taken seriously by the authorities.

The regional manager for the Justice network in Charlotte asked for a meeting with the police and Dunmore to get more information about the disappearance of Allisha Watts, USA TODAY reported.

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