Alzheimer’s Patient In Houston Was Brutally Assaulted And Robbed In A Parking Lot

Last week, in a Houston parking lot, a 67-year-old man with advanced Alzheimer’s disease and dementia was viciously attacked and robbed.

Alzheimer's Patient In Houston Was Brutally Assaulted And Robbed In A Parking Lot

When his wife went inside La Michoacana Meat Market in North Houston on December 23, Florentino Hurtado was waiting for her in their car.

Hurtado got out of the automobile after approximately a minute and proceeded to walk in a “dazed manner” to the back of the vehicle, according to the police.

Witness film captures Hurtado briefly exiting the car, coming back to the front, and putting his hand on the door handle of another car.

Then two Black guys, subsequently identified as Deroderic Stephens and Trayvion Lockridge, approached Hurtado.

Hurtado fell to the pavement after Lockridge, according to the police, hit him in the face. Hurtado was struck by Lockridge multiple times with his hands and feet before his cell phone was taken, according to the police. After attempting to rise, Hurtado was “quickly met with 2-3 forceful stomps to his head and body.”

A police affidavit states that the assault, which lasted for around two minutes, was caught on camera.

After being taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital, Hurtado’s family was notified that he may have had a traumatic brain injury, a concussion, a shattered cheekbone, several facial lacerations, and a black eye. His spouse reported to the police that he frequently cries out in agony day and night, repeating, “Someone beat me up.”

Five days later, Lockridge and Stephens were taken into custody and accused of aggravated robbery of a victim who was disabled or over 65.

Lockridge’s bond was set at $50,000 by Judge Colleen Gaido, while the state had requested a $1 million bond, according to FOX 26.

“It’s just sad. It’s really sad, my father did not deserve this at all,” Hurtado’s daughter, Jessica Hurtado, told the station. “We want justice for my dad. That’s all we want.”

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