Amish Pregnant Woman Killed By Slitting Throat In Her Pennsylvania Home

According to court filings, Pennsylvania police discovered a horrifying murder scene last month at the remote Crawford County home of a pregnant Amish woman who was discovered dead in a puddle of blood.

Amish Pregnant Woman Killed By Slitting Throat In Her Pennsylvania Home

Two warrants from the Pennsylvania State Police were made public by the court on Monday. They state that “a scalping-type wound on Rebecca Byler’s head in addition to an evident laceration on the front side of her neck” was found.

The graphic facts were released by authorities barely two days after they declared the 52-year-old man Shawn Cranston’s arrest in connection with the tragedy.

Around 12:30 p.m. on February 26, the victim’s husband, Andy Byler, and a friend went inside the house and discovered the 23-year-old woman with a cut neck in the living room. They immediately dialled 911 for assistance.

Her pregnancy lasted six months.

The suspect, Cranston, is accused of trespassing, burglary, criminal homicide, and criminal homicide of an unborn child.

He’s being held at the Crawford County Jail without access to bond.

On March 15, he is scheduled to return to court for a preliminary hearing.

The small town in rural northwest Pennsylvania was startled by the killing. According to locals, the Amish, who are distinguished by their simple attire and limited use of technology, get along well with their non-Amish neighbours, according to The Associated Press.

“It’s not something that happens around here,” Lindsey Smith, president of the women’s auxiliary of the nearby Spartansburg Volunteer Fire Department, said last week.

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