An Arizona Automobile Split After A Fatal Collision That Involved A Man From Nevada Driving At 150mph

A man from Las Vegas, Nevada was taken into custody by Arizona police on manslaughter charges after it was reported that he participated in a street race, crashed, and killed the two occupants of the automobile by splitting it in half at a speed of over 150 mph.

An Arizona Automobile Split After A Fatal Collision That Involved A Man From Nevada Driving At 150mph

Derek Charles Franklin Glasscock, 32, was taken into custody by the Tempe Police Department early on Saturday morning, according to a report from FOX 10 in Phoenix.

According to court records that the station was able to collect, the fatal collision started at about 1:35 a.m. on November 25.

Police in Tempe made an effort to pull down a Ford Mustang that was subsequently identified as being driven by Glasscock after it was spotted racing another car on the roadway close to Rural Road.

According to the authorities, the Mustang went as fast as 100 mph during the race in a 35 mph zone.

“The Ford Mustang fled from police and a pursuit was not initiated. Shortly after the Ford Mustang fled from police, a cloud of smoke was seen rising into the air,” court documents read. “It was discovered the same blue Ford Mustang had crashed on the east side of Rural Road, south of Broadway Road.”

Investigators estimated that before losing control of the Mustang Glasscock was driving, it may have reached a speed of 153 mph.

According to the station, the blue muscle car then took off from the road and smashed into two palm trees and a power pole. The Mustang broke in half due to the impact of power.

A man and a woman who were inside the car before the collision were ejected, but Glasscock was reportedly pinned inside.

First responders pronounced the guy, who Tempe Police identified as 32-year-old Jesse Ruiz, dead at the scene. The woman was recognised by the police as 31-year-old Maria Rangel. Court records state that she was taken to a local hospital where she passed away.

It was reported that Rangel and Ruiz shared a residence and were romantically involved.

According to court documents, Glasscock “repeatedly made spontaneous statements indicating he should not have been driving, and that he had been drinking alcohol” when police were able to get in touch with him following the collision.

According to the station, Glasscock acknowledged consuming two whiskey-mixed drinks between 10 and 11:30 p.m., according to court records.

“Glasscock could not remember leaving Sun Bar and stated the last thing he remembered was being inside his car after the crash,” court documents read. “Glasscock also did not remember if anyone else was with him in the car but stated he had met with friends at Sun Bar.”

Glasscock was taken to the Tempe City Jail following his discharge from the hospital.

Two counts of reckless manslaughter are against him.

Glasscock’s appearance bond was set by the judge at $20,000. A preliminary hearing has been set for December 5.

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