An Estranged Lover Of A Missing Wyoming Lady Is “Suspect In A Homicide Case”

According to federal court filings, the father of a missing woman’s children is a “suspect in a homicide” and may be charged in another state.

An Estranged Lover Of A Missing Wyoming Lady Is

Among the more than a dozen pages of court documents in Adam Aviles Jr.’s federal firearms case, which contained information about the cross-country journey he made in October with Katie Ferguson and their two little children, the four upsetting words stood out.

Ferguson disappeared at some time during the week-long journey from Alabama to Wyoming, and Aviles Jr. returned to Cody, Wyoming, without her.

Although Ferguson was not named as the victim, the court filings filed last week marked the first instance of a homicide and the official designation of Aviles Jr. as a suspect.

Since they do not yet have Ferguson’s body, the Park County Sheriff’s Office in Wyoming, which is leading the investigation into her disappearance, informed Fox News Digital on Monday that Ferguson is still officially listed as missing.

Law enforcement has a “working theory” that they’re looking into, but they also “have lots of evidence that she was injured,” according to the Park County Sheriff’s Office.

At this point, the sheriff’s office was unable to comment on the specifics of Ferguson’s injuries or a possible motive.

According to federal court filings, they used traffic stops in Colorado, Texas, and Arkansas to track their travels. However, because the stops were placed across multiple states, it became more difficult to locate Ferguson or her body.

The criminal complaint against Aviles Jr. reduced the nearly 2,000-mile road trip from Alabama to Wyoming to a section from Trumann, Arkansas, to Texas, and limited the possible timeline to Oct. 5–9.

Ferguson was last seen in Aviles Jr.’s 1999 Durango at a police check near Trumann on or around October 5, according to court filings that stated there “was no projectile hole in the passenger side door.”

According to the criminal complaint, when the Texas State Patrol pulled over Aviles Jr. on October 9, they discovered a “projectile hole” in the passenger side door and discovered that Katie wasn’t inside the vehicle.

According to court filings, he was the lone adult in the car when he was pulled over again in Colorado.

According to the Park County Sheriff’s Office, that’s still a big geographic route to cover, and it’s challenging to determine which regions in those states are most important.

The public was urged by investigators to check their security and doorbell cameras and to contact 307-527-8700 with any tips or information regarding possible sightings of the couple, especially in those three states.

Fox News Digital’s request for a response from Aviles Jr.’s attorney was not answered.

The application filed last week to postpone Aviles Jr.’s trial from its initial date of January 22 to a later date gave the defence more time to compile all the evidence related to Ferguson’s “homicide,” including the details that identified him as a “suspect in a homicide.”

“Defendant is requesting discovery regarding that case, which is expected to continue to be provided for several weeks as the investigation in that matter is in the initial stages,” Aviles Jr.’s lawyer wrote in the motion.

“Further, Mr Aviles may be facing additional charges in another jurisdiction, and defense counsel and Mr. Aviles must be fully informed as to the extent and circumstances of the underlying allegations and the effect that a conviction or plea may have in that case.”

It was alleged that Aviles Jr. was a felon in possession of ammunition. He made a not-guilty plea.

The request to postpone the original trial date was granted. There’s no new date in the works.

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