Arizona Imprisons “Maniac” Who Killed A Sex Worker In A NYC Hotel Violently With An Iron

A “maniac” wanted for the violent death of a sex worker inside a New York City hotel earlier this month has been apprehended by police in Arizona. The victim was allegedly strangled and tortured with an iron before the suspect fled the scene wearing only her leggings.

Arizona Imprisons

The NYPD is searching for 26-year-old Raad Almansoori in connection with the horrifying murder of 38-year-old Denisse Oleas-Arancibia, a mother of two who was discovered dead on February 8 inside the SoHo 54 Hotel on Watts Street.

Police reported that they found pieces of plastic lodged in Oleas-Arancibia’s skull and that her body lay on the ground covered by a blanket. Her death from blunt force trauma was determined to be a homicide by the medical examiner.

The suspect, who is allegedly seen leaving the scene wearing the same form-fitting leggings Oleas-Arancibia was wearing when she checked into the hotel the day before, is the subject of an investigation by the NYPD. Oleas-Arancibia’s body was discovered with a pair of men’s pants covered in blood, according to the authorities.

Almansoori was apprehended by police on Sunday in a stolen vehicle. They claim that Almansoori abducted a female employee of McDonald’s, dragged her into the women’s lavatory without her will, and repeatedly stabbed her.

A few days before, in Phoenix, he had carjacked and stabbed another woman. In Arizona, both victims lived.

Almansoori was taken into custody in Arizona on several allegations, including attempted murder, robbery, and two counts of assault, following the discovery of a list of his prior alleged offences.

He allegedly abducted and sexually abused a different prostitute in Sumter County, Florida, in 2023, according to the police. However, he was freed in September after obtaining a bond. There is also an active warrant in Texas for Almansoori.

He acknowledged the knife incident in Phoenix and the attack on McDonald’s when he was hauled into prison in Arizona. Additionally, he instructed investigators to “Google the SoHo 54 hotel.”

Almansoori’s mugshot was released by the police, displaying injuries to his nose. At a press conference on Tuesday, NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Public Information Tarik Sheppard stated that the department is “glad that Arizona got this maniac off the streets.”

During that press conference, NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny stated that Almansoori’s extradition to the Big Apple is being sought by the authorities in connection with Oleas-Arancibia’s killing. According to Kenny, Almansoori had a “long history of out-of-state arrests” and was free on bond at the time of Oleas-Arancibia’s attack.

According to Kenny, Almansoori informed the authorities in Arizona that he had injured “three additional girls” in Florida.

Regarding how long he was permitted to remain in the room, Kenny claimed that Almansoori and Oleas-Arancibia got into a fight, “and that’s what caused the outburst which caused the attack.”

Kenny maintained that she had no criminal history.

The night before the attack on Oleas-Arancibia, Kenny stated, Almansoori also went to see an escort.

Oleas-Arancibia left her other kid behind and immigrated to the US five years ago with her 18-year-old son.

The son of Oleas-Arancibia, Edwin Cevallos, revealed to the New York Post that his mother had been tense and anxious in the days preceding her demise.

Saying that she was “always working for us to give us the best life in this country,” Cevallos described her.

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