Armed suspects are accused for robbing $5K of a Chicago police officer who lost her job due to this reason

After falsely reporting being robbed for thousands of dollars at a gunpoint, a Chicago police officer got fired from her job.

On Thursday, after two days of being removed from her duties with Chicago Police Department, a Chicago Police Officer named Zondranika Williams of age 37 got charged with disorderly conducting and giving a false report of an offense at a court hearing as reported by CBS News Chicago.On September 23, William reported a complaint of being robbed of $5K in cash in the alleyway by her garage by calling on 911. She reported that this incident took place in her garage in the 8000 block of South Wabash Avenue. As said by the prosecutors, she was a police officer but on duty at the time of incident and this detail was also shared by her to the operator.

She also claimed that suspect was armed and also shouted to give them everything she got while pointing a gun at her, as reported by the local station.But the prosecutors reported that everything she told was lie. The patrol cop then investigated the incident and they found the surveillance cameras were not working at the time of robbery. But they informed the officers that they found a footage from neighbor’s camera that shows William being alone in the alley.

In that footage she was also seen taking out a duffel bag from her car and walk out of the camera’s view.

The news station reported that she made up a story just a week after Williams called 911. She turned herself in on Tuesday, the news station reported.

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