Arrest of Neyo Ex Girlfriend Sparks Custody Battle—Amid Bullying Accusations

Arrest of Neyo Ex Girlfriend Sparks Custody BattleAmid Bullying Accusations

In a tragic twist;  the arrest of Neyo Ex Girlfriend has ignited a “heated custody battle” while shedding light on allegations of bullying.

Neyo Ex Girlfriend Sade
Neyo Ex Girlfriend Sade Resorts Physical Force And Pepper Spray To Veronica Madison’s Son (Photo: The AceShowbiz)

Neyo Ex Girlfriend Undergoing Legal Inquisition After Allegedly Accused Of Fight Incident Involvment

Neyo Ex Girlfriend [Sade Bagnerise] found herself in a legal “quagmire…” after being taken into custody for her “alleged involvement” in helping her son fight another child.

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The fight between two young kids occurred at a “bus stop” and involved the son of Neyo Ex Girlfriend and another child. What initially seemed like a ‘mother’s protective instinct’ (just like Neyo Ex Girlfriend to her child) has evolved into a complex legal trial.

Veronica Madison (the mother of the other child) claimed that Neyo Ex Girlfriend Sade and her son “premeditated” the fray. According to Madison, they [Neyo Ex Girlfriend Sade and her son] intentionally sought out her neighborhood; concealed themselves near the bus stop; and then “confronted her son” as he disembarked.

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Neyo Ex Girlfriend Sade Resorts  “Physical Force” And Pepper Spray To Veronica Madison’s Son

Shockingly, eyewitnesses and camera footage suggest that the confrontation of Neyo Ex Girlfriend Sade; and her son with the boyescalated into violence… with Neyo Ex Girlfriend Sade allegedly resorting to “physical force” and even pepper spray.

However, this altercation between the son of  Neyo Ex Girlfriend Sade and  Veronica Madison’s son wasn’t an isolated incident. Madison contended that the son of  Neyo Ex Girlfriend Sade had been “consistently antagonizing” her childmaking threats on social mediaand even threatening violence to Veronica Madison’s son with firearms.

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Amid this progressing turmoil between the two young kids; Neyo Ex Girlfriend Sade now faces legal consequenceshaving been arrested on charges of “child cruelty and battery.”

Neyo Ex Girlfriend Sade asserts that her actionswere fueled by a mother’s desire to “protect her child” from relentless bullying by football players.

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