As global emissions reach new high, US, China take climate action before COP28

The United States and China have agreed recently to work together on an issue. This issue is related to worldwide greenhouse has emissions because fossil fuels accounted for 82% of global energy consumption in 2022.

Both nations have signed a deal on November 14 to increase clean energy, displace fossil fuels and to reduce emissions as these nations together account for 38% of the planet’s greenhouse gases.

United Nations’ COP28 climate summit is going to be held from the end of November where cooperation between the world’s two biggest emitters is going to be occur. In this 200 countries are gathering in Dubai to talk about the policies regarding climate action. 

A former associate in research at Harvard’s Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies named John Quelch said to Straight Arrow News that they think it’s important that COP28 to be more successful than expectations because China and U.S. will be showing leadership regarding this issue.

A report released by U.N. found that even if all the other countries fulfill their previous promises regarding climate, at the end of this decade the emissions total will be greater than the goal amount needed for staying on track to reach its carbon neutrality by 2050.

The amount of greenhouse gases going to be sent in coming 2030 in atmosphere would be equal to 19 billion tons of CO2 higher than the target number.

Due to restriction on traveling and pause on other economic activities in 2020 during COVID-19 lead to decline in the level of greenhouse gases. In this year the demand of coal and natural gas worldwide were already hitting pre-pandemic highs and by 2022 emissions from these two energy sources were back to reaching record-breaking levels. This lead to warning in accordance with increasing global emissions in recent years.

World government had spent about $17 trillion in pandemic recovery efforts out of which only 10% was spent on emissions cutting initiatives. 30% of money out of it lead to increase emissions project. Now with COP28 on the horizon, experts are expecting joint climate action efforts between the U.S. and China and this will help to spur renewed progress on this issue.

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