August 19, 1997: Philippines First Launch Satellite Soaring to Space

On August 19, 1997, the Philippines sent its very first satellite into space.

Philippines First Launch Satellite

On August 19, 1997, the Philippines successfully made its first launch satellite into space. Before that, the only communications satellite the country had was bought from Indonesia after it was already in space.

A year later, the Mabuhay Philippines Satellite Corporation launch satellite into space using a Chinese Long March 3B rocket.  As a tribute to the Philippine eagle, Space Systems Loral named the new satellite Agila-2. Up until now, it has offered strong satellite coverage across Asia and the Pacific.

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Philippines First Launch Satellite – Photo by: (OpenGov Asia)

The Satellite of the Philippines

Agila 2 was a communication satellite from the Philippines. It was launched from China’s Xichang facility for Mabuhay Communications Corporation in Manila.

The satellite was placed in a special orbit that kept it in one spot over the Earth, above 140 degrees east. According to Inquirer, currently known as ABS-3, the satellite was given this name after Mabuhay Satellite Communications, a part of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co., sold it to Asia Broadcast Satellite Holdings Ltd., which is based in Bermuda. This transaction took place in 2009 and involved a payment of P400 million.

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