Proposed SSA Identity Theft Act Promises Relief and Simplified Assistance for Victims

Proposed ‘Identity Theft Act’ Aims to Simplify Assistance for Victims and Improve SSA Response A new bill, the “Improving Social Security’s Service to Victims of Identity Theft Act,” introduced by U.S. Rep. Drew Ferguson, seeks to simplify the government’s response to identity theft victims by establishing a single point of contact within the SSA. READ … Read more

Coastal New England and Atlantic Canada Brace for Hurricane Lee, Widespread Watches and Precautions Underway

Hurricane Lee

Coastal New England and Atlantic Canada Brace for Hurricane Lee’s Widespread Threat Coastal New England and Atlantic Canada are on high alert as Hurricane Lee threatens the region. Hurricane and tropical storm watches are in effect, with warnings of hurricane conditions, heavy rainfall, and coastal flooding in eastern Maine. RELATED: CATEGORY 3 HURRICANE LEE POSES … Read more

Officer Defends Controversial Photo of Pennsylvania State Police with Convicted Murder Amid ‘Unprofessional’ Criticism

Pennsylvania State Police

Pennsylvania State Police Integral in Capture of Convicted Murderer: Controversial Photo Ignites Debate The controversial photo of captured convicted murderer Danelo Cavalcante involving 500 law enforcements, including Pennsylvania State Police, led to debates over professionalism and standard procedures, such as stripping him of his clothes. READ ALSO: EUREKA HIGH SCHOOL MISSOURI FACES PRECAUTIONARY LOCKDOWN AFTER … Read more

Vibrio Vulnificus Infection: You Will Not Eat Raw Oyster After Reading This

Vibrio vulnificus infection

Raw Oyster-Related Vibrio Vulnificus Infection Claims Lives Across the United States Consuming raw oysters infected with Vibrio vulnificus, a dangerous bacterium found in warm coastal waters, has led to fatalities, including a recent case in Texas. This summer has seen a surge in Vibrio vulnificus infections across the United States, with a 20% fatality rate … Read more

Murrysville Council Debates on Short-term Rental Ordinance, Find Out Why

short-term rental ordinance

Debate Brews in Murrysville: Short-Term Rental Ordinance Sparks Controversy Over Property Rights and Safety Get the scoop on Murrysville’s contentious short-term rental ordinance debate, where council members wrestle with property rights, safety concerns, and the future of regulations. READ ALSO: SSI PAYMENT SCHEDULE 2023: RECIPIENTS RECEIVE DOUBLE PAYMENTS IN SEPTEMBER, POLICY EXPLAINED Debate Over Short-Term … Read more

Category 3 Hurricane Lee Poses Uncertain Threat to US East Coast, Prompts Coastal Vigilance

Hurricane Lee

Category 3 Hurricane Lee: Uncertain Threat to US East Coast, Dangerous Surf Warnings Issued Category 3 Hurricane Lee’s uncertain impact on the US East Coast and immediate concerns of dangerous surf and rip currents in multiple regions, per the National Hurricane Center. READ ALSO: CATEGORY 3 HURRICANE LEE MAINTAINS STRENGTH IN THE ATLANTIC Hurricane Lee’s … Read more

Dramatic Stolen Vehicle Pursuit between Gold SUV and Mesa Police Unfolds in Phoenix Metropolitan Area

stolen vehicle pursuit

Dramatic Stolen Vehicle Pursuit Grips Phoenix Metro: Mesa Police Capture Suspect After Intense Chase In a Phoenix metropolitan incident, Mesa police conducted a high-speed stolen vehicle pursuit involving a gold SUV. The chase ended with the police catching the suspect with no reported injuries and investigations are still underway. READ ALSO: ACTS OF VANDALISM DISTURB … Read more

New Air Quality Test Unveils Alarming Pollution Levels Linked to Increased Breast Cancer Risk

air quality test

Groundbreaking NIH Study Reveals Troubling Link Between Air Quality Test Results and Elevated Breast Cancer Rates New NIH research, incorporating an air quality test, exposes an alarming 8% increase in breast cancer incidence linked to PM2.5 pollution, underscoring the urgent call to address air quality for women’s health. READ ALSO: SALT LAKE CITY MOSQUITO ABATEMENT … Read more

SSI Payment Schedule 2023: Recipients Receive Double Payments in September, Policy Explained

SSI payment schedule 2023

SSI Recipients to Receive Double Payments in September Due to SSI Payment Schedule 2023 The SSI Payment Schedule 2023 includes two payments in September, with the next one on September 29 due to October 1 falling on a Sunday. READ ALSO: SENATOR JACOB CANDELARIA CHALLENGES GOV. LUJAN GRISHAM’S LINE-ITEM VETOES; REP. GARCIA TAKES ISSUE TO … Read more

Category 3 Hurricane Lee Maintains Strength in the Atlantic

Category 3 hurricane

Category 3 Hurricane Lee’s Path Raises Concerns for the East Coast Category 3 Hurricane Lee continues to strengthen over the open ocean, with the National Hurricane Center issuing warnings of high surf, life-threatening rip currents in the northeastern Caribbean, and potential hazards along much of the East Coast of the United States by Sunday evening. … Read more