The Changes of the Local Economic Growth in Polk County

Diverse Economy in Lakeland. (Photo: LAL TODAY)

For the past 9 years, the gross domestic product of Polk County went up to 35%. In a published article on LAL Today, the local economic growth of Polk County had risen. But how do you think it affects the local economic growth of one of the fast-growing counties in the country? Polk County’s industry … Read more

Homeless Man Was Killed in A Stabbing Incident in Washington Square Park

The 35-year-old homeless man was dead after being stabbed at the park by a 30-year-old homeless man. It was reported that the victim was a bully. Does it need to go this far? In a published article on New York Post, last month the 30 years old Khajah Gaye stabbed a homeless man in the … Read more

Missing Teen in Surf City is Together Now with His Family

The Missing Teen with Autism is found 8 miles from the last place his seen. (Photo: Newsbreak)

The authorities identified the missing teen in Surf City. Later that day the missing teen is back with his family. In a published article on WITN, the missing teen was reportedly missing around the afternoon. The authorities responded to the report. The missing teen later identified named Ryan. The missing teen has an disorder that … Read more

Automatic Student Loan Forgiveness for More Than 804,000 Borrowers

The government on giving qualified borrowers for automatic student loan forgiveness this coming week. In a published article on Yahoo Finance, it was stated there that more than of the 804,000 borrowers will get their student loan forgiveness this coming week. The administration put support to the student debt relief since day one. The student … Read more

Tax Implication: Here Are The Factors to Consider on Investment Tax Deduction

Discuss the key factors in considering business investment tax deduction. In a published article on, it was stated there that the tax implications must be understand specially in terms of  the investments. There are factors that will provide the knowledge of an individual on investment of a business and its tax deductibility. They defined … Read more

16-Year-Old Male Arrested for Separate Shooting Incidents

The Authorities arrested a 16-year-old male after discovering the connection in the two incidents of shooting that leads to the 16-year-old male. In a published article of News Letter Journal, authorities responded to a call in 911. It was reported to them that there are teenagers that are arguing. While the authorities responded the disturbance … Read more

Authorities Searching for the Accused Person in Shooting Incident in Monticello

Authorities are investigating the shooting incident in Montecillo. (Photo: WIFR)

The authorities are now investigating the two different shooting incident that almost killed the two people. Luckily the victim are okay. In a published article on Mid Hudson News, the authorities received a 911 call about a gun shooting incident outside the apartment in the apartment. In the responded crime scene the wounded person was … Read more

El Paso on No-New-Revenue Tax Rate: Reserve, Sales Taxes to Save Property Taxes

El Paso City Hall (Photo: KFOX)

No tax increase in the next year, but expects more on other taxes. According to the published report on El Paso Matters, the people in the government are thinking to increase the budget in the next accounting period. They held workshops to prepare for the budget of the accounting period in 2024. They are on … Read more

Property Tax Relief Package: The $18 Billion Tax Cut in Texas

Texas Legislation on $18 billion property tax cut. (Photo: KXAN)

The property tax relief package was a solution or not? In this article, we will discuss the benefits of the 18 billion dollar tax cut. In the published article on Messenger, it was a statement Mr. Trent Ashby about the $18 billion property tax relief package. He stated there that it was a great battle … Read more