Baby Boy Killed in Montana a Day Before 1st Birthday After Dad Gets Fatally Shot, Falls on Child

In Billings city in Montana, a one-year old boy found dead along with his father and their pet dog. The boy named Tatee’ K Morrison and his 31-year old father named Kenneth Morrison were inside their home when the people who were suspected drove up in a pick up, shot them repeatedly and left the area just after that with a very high speed. When the suspects shot on the father, he became wounded and fell on his one-year old child.

On this crime, the police officers responded on the morning of November 1,2023 at 10:00 am. They found about 25 shell casings of two different calibers. At a press conference held last week, Chief Rich St. John said that, when the officers knocked at the door of Kenneth’s home nobody answered for the long time. After waiting for sometime, the officers looked inside the home through window and they saw a dead dog lying on the floor who got shot allegedly.

Somehow officers made their way to go into the residence and there they found Kenneth lying on the floor dead and there only they found a child lying in unresponsive manner. They took the child to the hospital but he died there and this appears like the adult got collapsed from the firing become wounded and fell on the child.

This shooting made officers to take some people into custody but nobody found to be related to this shooting. Tatee’ k’s Uncle said that gun violence has become little scary in Billing since sometime.

Tatee’ K’s uncle Zack Wilson also said that on Thursday they celebrated his first birthday and wished him and blessed him a lot. Wilson also said that they just want to celebrate his life and said him that we love him.

Officers informed that nobody has been suspected yet for this crime.

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