Biden Poses A Threat To The National Security Due To His Mismanagement Of Papers And His Family’s Commercial Ventures

The inquiry into Joe Biden’s improper handling of secret documents during his tenure in the Senate and as vice president is something the White House is ready to wrap up.

The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability’s investigation is moving more quickly, despite reports that Special Counsel Robert Hur’s probe is nearing its conclusion and is not expected to result in any criminal charges. This study is far from over.

Biden Poses A Threat To Our National Security Due To His Mismanagement Of Papers And His Family's Commercial Ventures

Important details regarding the location and security of the secret materials, as well as claims made by the White House and President Biden’s personal counsel regarding the finding of records at the Penn Biden Centre, have been contradicted by information received by the Oversight Committee.

The Biden team claims that on November 2, 2022, documents were found at the Penn Biden Centre. Our research revealed that the actual timeline actually started eighteen months earlier. In order to gain access to and safeguard what was allegedly his personal belongings at the Penn Biden Centre, President Biden made use of a substantial number of federal resources, including five White House employees and a Department of Defence employee.

A senior White House assistant was assigned to visit the Penn Biden Centre on March 18, 2021, in order to inventory Biden’s materials and documents. After this first inventory, on May 24, 2022, Kathy Chung, a Department of Defence employee, received a personal email from then-White House Counsel Dana Remus assigning her the responsibility of retrieving Biden’s items and documentation.

Whether by coincidence, the FBI has set a return date of this day for the documents belonging to former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago. In addition, we have located five additional noteworthy meetings between White House assistants and Biden’s personal attorneys that took place at the Penn Biden Centre between June and October of 2022.

The sensitive materials were discovered in a “locked closet” at Penn Biden Centre, according to a public statement made by the White House earlier this year. Witness testimony, however, indicates that the boxes containing secret documents were not always kept in a secured closet. The fact that secret data are being stored improperly gives rise to serious worries that anyone without the necessary clearances may have had access to them.

Our research into the Biden family’s international influence-peddling company has led us to seriously worry that Biden might have held onto confidential information about particular nations connected to his family’s lucrative international business ventures.

There is evidence that President Biden helped some members of his family, especially his son Hunter Biden, to amass millions of dollars from foreign people and organisations, which were subsequently transferred into his family’s and even his own bank accounts.

Financial records obtained by the House Oversight Committee show that the Biden family, their business connections, and their affiliated firms received considerable payments from people and businesses in China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Romania.

Regarding his awareness of and involvement in his family’s business affairs, President Biden has deceived the American people on multiple occasions. Joe Biden was not only aware of his family’s business activities, but he actively participated in them and profited financially from them.

According to witness testimony, then-Vice President Joe Biden had at least 20 phone conversations with Hunter Biden’s business associates, dined with foreign oligarchs and a Burisma executive who together wired the Bidens millions, and had coffee in Beijing with Hunter Biden’s Chinese business partner.

Additionally, the House Oversight Committee has tracked down bank documents that show Joe Biden received a personal cheque for $40,000 from his brother James Biden and sister-in-law Sara Biden, representing revenues from China. Even if the White House is correct and this cheque was a loan payback from James Biden, it still demonstrates how Joe Biden profited from his family using his name to make money, even if that money came from China.

The reason behind President Biden’s decision to hold onto specific secret information raises questions. Why did he preserve these particular documents in his home and office out of all the secret documents he read during his long career? The sensitivity of the material in the documents could provide an answer to that query and reveal the degree of national security breaches.

Special Counsel Hur has been asked to grant our committee investigators access to the classified papers, but he has refused. However, that is not stopping us from continuing our research.

I have asked over two dozen witnesses—including members of the Biden family, their associates, and current and former White House officials—for depositions and interviews over the course of the last two weeks.

Our national security is at risk due to President Biden’s improper handling of confidential information and his participation in his family’s commercial ventures. We owe it to the citizens of the United States to find out if Biden exploited these top-secret secrets to enrich his family at the expense of even more national security.

If anyone else than Joe Biden possessed sensitive information in their garage, home, or personal office, the Department of Justice would bring criminal charges against them. In fact, the FBI made staff members and members of the Oversight Committee read the FBI’s unclassified FD-1023 form—which purportedly contained evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement in a bribery and extortion scheme—in a room meant to be used for reviewing secret data. It was also forbidden for us to remove our notes from the building and obtain a copy of the unclassified paper.

But Joe Biden is exempt from severe repercussions, much less criminal prosecution, when he removes sensitive documents from the White House, into several office buildings, and his own house and lets his staff mishandle them for months. Joe Biden is the only person one needs to look to determine if there is a two-tiered criminal justice system.

The corruption of President Biden and the apparent history of cover-ups for the Biden family at the Department of Justice are issues that the American public demands be addressed. The American people deserve and expect transparency and accountability, and the House Oversight Committee will continue to follow the evidence where it leads.

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