Billy Walters Pays Part of Overdue Rent and Continues His Path to Redemption

The Billy Walters Redemption and Revenge Tour faced a setback recently, but it’s unlikely to stop the sports betting expert and controversial property developer from moving forward.

Billy Walters

People who have kept track of his eventful life are aware that Billy Walters usually comes out ahead in most situations. Whether it’s NFL games, golf competitions, or oddly favorable land transactions involving his associates in the Nevada government, the 77-year-old is skilled at finding opportunities.

This is exactly what happened when he obtained a 99-year lease with extremely lenient terms for priceless land under the Bureau of Land Management’s management. He turned it into the impressive Bali Hai Golf Course on the Strip. With the slow response of the BLM and the support of his friends at the Clark County Government Center, Billy Walters was able to avoid paying the appropriate rent for the lease for a long time. Despite any objections, the county didn’t seem eager to act as a strict landlord toward someone who generously contributed to various political campaigns.

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Billy Walters – Photo by: (San Diego Union-Tribune)

Billy Walters Pays Part of Overdue Rent

The arrangement caught the attention of the US Department of Justice in which they’ve been working to recover the overdue rent, which, when combined with interest, reached over $75 million. The extended dispute reached a conclusion recently when the county commission voted in favor of a settlement proposed by the DOJ. According to the settlement, the county will pay $10 million, and Walter’s company, Nevada Links Inc., will contribute an additional $1.5 million.

The argument about the rent becomes less significant when compared to other favorable agreements and fortunate changes in zoning that Billy Walters has successfully obtained with the help of his government contacts. While one might criticize the officials for not feeling embarrassed about this, it’s worth noting that Nevada politicians generally don’t get easily embarrassed.

Billy Walters was able to tun a tough situation to his advantage. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, he was released from prison early in 2020, and the Trump administration shortened his sentence just before it was set to expire in 2021.

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