‘Black Biden’ On TikToker Talks About Assisting Police In Capturing An Accused Child Predator

On social media, a man known as “Black Biden” assisted law enforcement in apprehending a possible child predator in Long Beach, California, on Thursday.

'Black Biden' On TikToker Talks About Assisting Police In Capturing An Accused Child Predator

“Black Biden” tricked the suspect into going on a “date” at a fast-food restaurant by pretending to be a 15-year-old lad online.

“It looked like he was going to comply at first,” the kind person said to FOX 11 Los Angeles. “And then, next thing you know, he just tried to book it.”

When “Black Biden” and the police pursued the individual, he fled swiftly through the front door of the business.

“I just tripped him,” “Black Biden” said. “So I tripped him, he fell, and the officers caught back up to him.”

“Black Biden” said the struggle with the suspect continued, and at one point he feared the suspect would try to grab the officer’s gun.

“You came to try to harm a child. I take that very seriously,” “Black Biden” told FOX 11. “Not today. Not on Black Biden’s watch.”

His Instagram video has received close to 7,000 likes.

“So glad the news is finally airing your good deeds!” one user wrote.

“Black Biden doing God’s work,” another Instagrammer commented in response.

“Black Biden” wears a big, hairy grey disguise and has set up several arrests that have led to convictions, FOX 11 reported.

Fox News Digital reached out to Long Beach police for comment, but they did not get back to them right away. However, they did reveal to FOX 11 that the suspect is Cody Lane Oreiro, 41, of Hawthorne. Oreiro was charged with one count of resisting a police officer and one count of setting up a meeting with a juvenile for indecent reasons.

While taking down the suspect, nobody was injured.

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