Body-Cam Footage Shows An Armed Man Firing At San Francisco Police: Know More Here

The arrest of a mentally ill man in August 2022, who pulled out a genuine prop gun and fired many blanks, has led to accusations of “racial bias” against a group of San Francisco police officers. The standoff lasted 53 minutes and ended without any injuries.

Body-Cam Footage Shows An Armed Man Firing At San Francisco Police: Know More Here

On August 6, 2022, police got a report of a bicycle theft in the Mission District. Shortly before eight in the morning, two cops saw 52-year-old Jose Corvera pushing one bicycle while riding another in the vicinity. When the police arrived to interview him, Corvera fled behind a vehicle and ducked down while brandishing what appeared to be a working gun.

The California Racial Justice Act lawsuit against the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office was unveiled on Wednesday. The lawsuit claims that the cops stopped the man “for no apparent reason apart from his race.”

“Corvera…was unjustly singled out by the police based on racial serotypes linked to Latinx people, poverty, and their rights to possess personal belongings,” the filing alleges. “It was unfair and prejudicial to presume that his possession of two bicycles instead of one must be connected to a criminal act.”

A White person riding two bikes in the posh Marina District “would be unlikely” to have been stopped, according to Corvera’s counsel.

Last month, Corvera was put on trial for allegedly possessing guns, intimidating law enforcement, and eluding arrest. The public defender’s office stated that the judge declared a mistrial following a deadlocked jury. There were no bicycles that were reported stolen by him.

Following a hearing on December 13, a judge is anticipated to decide the claim’s viability. Should the claim be successful, Corvera may be able to avoid a new trial and have the initial charges dismissed. On December 29, new processes are slated to start if he fails. He’s being jailed at the San Francisco County Jail on a $50,000 bond.

Police can be heard yelling at Corvera to drop the weapon and telling onlookers to keep back, according to bodycam footage.

“Drop that gun on the floor or you will be shot,” one officer shouts. “Put it on the floor!”

During the duration of the standoff, Corvera fired blanks, and at least 17 cops arrived to handle the issue. Court filings state that four of them fired at least fifteen bullets. But they never actually hit Corvera—rather, they just hit nearby vehicles and structures. Crisis mediators and tactical teams were also summoned.

Officers huddled behind the ballistic shield during the standoff are audibly communicating to one another where they store their tourniquets in case of the “worst case scenario.”

The gun fired one last time when Corvera finally threw it away. Paramedics raced in to inspect him for injuries as officers hurried over to place him in handcuffs.

“Mr. Corvera was unjustly singled out by the police based on racial stereotypes of Latinx people, of the unhoused, and of their rights to possess things like bikes,” Deputy Public Defender Kathleen Natividad said in a statement Wednesday. “It’s extremely unlikely police would have treated a white person the same way.”

According to Natividad, when the responding officers saw Corvera with two bicycles, they wrongly believed he was a robber. Additionally, the public defender’s office charged that the cops’ firing into the residential neighbourhood constituted a threat to public safety.

“It’s important to call out racial bias, and we urge the court to grant Mr. Corvera the opportunity to make his case that race played a role in how police reacted to him,” said elected San Francisco Public Defender Mano Raju. “We also urge the District Attorney’s Office to dismiss this case, as it’s clear jurors are likely to once again decide that the police’s actions were racially motivated and improper.”

A request for comment was not immediately answered by city police. Extended segments of the bodycam footage are available on the department’s Facebook page.

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