Bodycam Footage Shows A Spectacular Shootout With The Suspect In A Family Murder Case Before The Suspect Disappears

A talented marksman who reportedly murdered two family members fired at police, set his father’s property on fire, and then vanished is one of Wisconsin’s most wanted fugitives.

Since the gunfight that ensued on June 16, 2020, when a deputy from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office responded to a burglary complaint, Kevin Anderson has been on the run.

Bodycam Footage Shows A Spectacular Shootout With The Suspect In A Family Murder Case Before The Suspect Disappears

As the constable hides behind a police SUV, a quick volley of gunfire can be heard, according to bodycam footage.

“Shots fired at the residence. Shots fired,” he yells to dispatch as another shot goes off.

The cop can be seen in the footage scurrying for shelter from behind the police SUV as another barrage erupts in the background.

“Return fire, upper window,” the officer yells.

The horrifying gunfight in the otherwise peaceful, little farm community of Sumner, Wisconsin, next to Lake Koshkonong is captured on a 15-minute bodycam video that Fox News Digital got as part of a significant public records request.

According to Anderson’s criminal complaint, the constable retreated down the driveway and into a ditch while firing four shots at the window.

When the constable calls dispatch to report finding Jim and Nedra Lemke’s deaths, it’s less than two minutes into the video. He looks to be crawling on the ground or squatting low in the grass.

According to the authorities, they were Anderson’s sister and brother-in-law, whom he is charged with murdering. They alerted authorities to the burglary, which caused them to act.

“One female. Gunshot wound to the abdomen lying on the ground. One male was in the back of the SUV. Not involved,” the deputy tells dispatch as he lies in a ditch for protection.

The sound of gunfire is still audible in the distance. The complaint claims that Anderson shot at least 12 times at cops.

The only thing seen on the bodycam at this point as the police officer crawls back to his patrol car is grass and brief flashes from his firearm.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice “found evidence that multiple shots were fired into Deputy Victim 3’s squad vehicle, mostly to the driver’s area,” the complaint said.

The two-story house was engulfed in “dark smoke and visible flames” a few minutes after backup arrived, the complaint claims.

The constable is seen in the final moments of the bodycam clip climbing into the passenger seat of another officer’s car as they leave the burning structure, a huge plume of smoke rising into the air.

Numerous interviews with Anderson’s relatives and acquaintances were conducted as part of the police inquiry.

Police were informed When Anderson found out that his father had appointed his sister as the administrator of his inheritance, he supposedly became furious. Four days before the shooting, he was buried.

The criminal complaint states that the residence Anderson is accused of destroying belonged to his father and was bequeathed to his sister.

When they carried out one of numerous search warrants, police discovered the physical will on the kitchen table in Anderson’s house, roughly six miles from the crime scene, according to the complaint.

The debris contained no human remains, and the wide wooded areas hindered the hunt for Anderson.

One of Anderson’s hunting companions was among those questioned by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, and he admitted to officers that Anderson “could make shots other people couldn’t.”

There haven’t been any sightings of Anderson in more than three years, according to Detective Ryan McIntyre, the case’s main investigator, who spoke to Fox News Digital.

It is thought that he is still alive.

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