Boston Crime Family Woman Went Missing And Later Found To Be The Victim Of A Florida Canal Murder

Lori Jane Kearsey’s family in Gloucester, Massachusetts, assumed something awful had happened to her after she did not return from a vacation in Florida with her new husband, leaving her 5-year-old daughter at home with no answers.

Maehgan Smith, Kearsey’s daughter, received a call from investigators in Davie, Florida, inquiring whether any of her close female family members had gone missing in 1984.

Boston crime family Woman Went Missing And Later Found To Be The Victim Of A Florida Canal Murder

Despite providing the description of the unnamed woman – blonde with hazel eyes and gapped front teeth, standing 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighing 120 pounds – the Davie Police Department was unable to identify Smith’s mother for nearly 40 years.

After the long-cold case was revisited in 2021, DNA retrieved from the bone remains of Jane Doe found strangled and floating face-down in a canal in West Davie in February 1984 was eventually matched to Smith.

“Investigators used several resources to assist with forensic digital imagining, DNA extraction and identification of a potential family tree,” Davie Police Sgt. Kevin Urbaez told local outlet WSVN. “Using all those resources, investigators were able to locate the victim’s daughter.”

Smith told Fox News Digital she had “resigned [herself] to the fact that [she’d] never know” what happened to her mother.”

“I always knew that she was [married to] someone in a crime family and it was in the early ’80s,” Smith said. “They were married for just eight months before she was murdered. It’s so painfully obvious but it’s so hard to prove cases.”

Smith claimed her family “knew it was [Kearsey] based on pictures and sketches [police] had, even without the DNA.”

Smith claimed her mother, who was 23 years old when she was last seen by her family, had married into a “pretty infamous Boston crime family” – but neither Smith nor Davie Police Department officers would reveal his identity to Fox News Digital.

“[Police] don’t have enough for an arrest right now, [but] they do have people of interest,” Smith told Fox News Digital. “They’re hoping they’ll get a little bit more leads now that the public knows. Unfortunately, I cannot disclose the name of her husband – I really wish I could.”

“He’s still alive,” Smith continued.

Because Kearsey was still formally married, it needed “some legal manoeuvring” on the side of the police to contact her blood family first as next of kin.

Smith stated that her late mother was never reported missing and that Kearsey’s family assumed she was in the witness protection programme.

Following Kearsey’s abduction, Smith, 5, was reared in a “very loving home” by her father and stepmother.

She was always curious about what happened to her mother, who had dropped her off at her father’s house and never returned.

“I didn’t know how much weight I had on my shoulders until they called and told me,” Smith said last week.

Smith realised she resembled her mother’s photos as she grew older, telling Fox News Digital, “It was always really creepy looking at pictures and looking so much like this woman and having no idea what happened to her.”

Smith’s daughters were 18 and 21 when she was contacted by detectives.

“I can’t imagine being the age that she was, feeling like she was in trouble and not knowing who to call,” Smith said. “My daughter is in junior college – her only concerns are getting an A in marketing and what party she’s going to next. But my mother, at the same age, was married in a different state and obviously in trouble.”

Further testing, such as an examination of the shorts Kearsey was wearing when she was discovered, is still required, according to Smith. he added, “The probability of 100% conviction just might not be there.”

Regardless, Smith maintains a good attitude.

“This man probably has children and grandchildren who adore him,” Smith said. “Him going to jail doesn’t do anything to my life. But he probably won’t sleep very well for the rest of his life. Whoever did this can always be wondering – there are so many new answers in testing evidence, they’ll be scared that the one thing they thought would never come up came up. That’s good enough for me.”

Urbaez told WSVN that their goal is to “bring those who were involved in this criminal case to justice.” Police are currently looking for leads to discover Kearsey’s killer.

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