California’s August SNAP Payment to Commence in Four Days, Averaging $196

California’s CalFresh program, which is equivalent to food stamps under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, is set to distribute payments within four days. August SNAP payment will begin on the first of the month and extend until Aug. 10, varying depending on the recipient’s case number.

California’s August SNAP Payment

The number of SNAP benefits received by households will vary based on several factors, such as household size, income limits, and additional assets. As an illustration, recipients in California can anticipate their CalFresh benefits on specific dates corresponding to their case numbers.

For instance, those with case numbers ending in 1 will receive their benefits on Aug. 1, while case numbers ending in 2 will receive theirs on Aug. 2, and so forth. The distribution of payments will continue until Aug. 10, when recipients with case numbers ending in 0 will receive their benefits.

California’s August SNAP payment will begin in four days – Photo by: (Wikimedia Commons)

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 California’s August SNAP payment will begin in four days.

In California, the average monthly payment per eligible individual under CalFresh is $196. For a one-person household, the maximum monthly payment is $281, while for a household of four, it reaches $939, and for a household of eight, it reaches $1,691. For each additional household member beyond eight, the CalFresh program provides an additional $211.

Based on 2022 data from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, approximately 13% of California’s population, which is nearly 5 million individuals, receives CalFresh assistance each month.

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