Capitol Police battle with a group demonstrating ‘violently’ outside the Democratic National Convention.

150 persons are “illegally and violently” demonstrating outside the Democratic National Committee in Washington, D.C., according to Capitol Police, who are attempting to “keep back” those individuals.

Noting the number of arrests, they indicated they were making them. Social media posts seem to indicate that demonstrators are advocating for a Middle East cease-fire.

“At the moment, our police are attempting to detain about 150 individuals who are demonstrating aggressively and unlawfully at Canal Street and Ivy Street, SE. Arrests are being made by police. Everyone in the group has left the area. In a statement, Capitol Police asked people to avoid the area.

Representative Brad Sherman (D-Cailf.) stated on X, the former Twitter, that he had to be evacuated while inside the DNC.

Rep. Sherman told  News over the phone that when Capitol Police escorted them from the facility, members of Congress were inside the DNC hearing from potential candidates.

Sherman stated that when “heavily armed and serious” U.S. Capitol Police officers departed the facility, around seven members of Congress were inside.

Democratic leadership was present at the event, including Pete Aguilar, Whip Katherine Clark, and minority leader Hakeem Jeffries, although according to Sherman, Jefferies and Clark had already departed before the demonstrations started.

Members in the room, according to Rep. Sherman, heard yells of “cease-fire now,” and they assumed that the demonstrators would depart within ten or fifteen minutes.

“Then the Capitol Police came in big time and said, ‘We’re getting you out of here,'” he stated to News.

Congressman Sean Casten, a Democrat from Illinois, stated on X that he had to leave the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee headquarters due to protestors around the structure.

“I just had to leave the @dccc office because demonstrators had surrounded the structure and obstructed all exits. Thank you to Capitol Police for ensuring the safe departure of all members and staff. Representative Casten addressed the demonstrators, pleading with them not to act irresponsibly.

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