Casey Anthony’s Parents Underwent A Polygraph Test In Order To “Clear Their Name”

On Thursday, a new TV show revealed the results of the polygraph tests given to Casey Anthony’s parents.

Casey Anthony's Parents Underwent A Polygraph Test In Order To

In the new A&E TV special “Casey Anthony’s Parents: The Lie Detector Test,” George Anthony, 72, and Cindy Anthony, 65, passed the polygraph test. During the test, they were questioned about their granddaughter Caylee Anthony’s murder and their daughter Casey Anthony’s allegations of molestation against her father.

nicknamed “America’s most hated mom,” Casey Anthony, 37, has claimed that her father is the real murderer despite being charged in 2008 with the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee.

In the latest television special, George and Cindy submit to a polygraph examination in an attempt to disprove Casey’s claims of sexual assault and their granddaughter’s murder.

Despite the tests’ effectiveness, both parents experienced strong emotions as a result of them.

“My opinion of them taking the examination was to clear their name, not only as suspects despite the closed investigations but to validate the narratives they have been telling throughout the years,” Lisa Ribacoff, a New York-based private investigator and polygraph expert, told Fox News Digital. “Allegations were made by Casey and they wanted to use the polygraph as an investigative tool to assist in providing credibility to their narratives.”

Having cameras in the same room as the parents during the polygraph test may have affected the results, as the test measures a person’s heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and other physiological parameters, according to Ribacoff.

“Stumbling happens a lot,” she said. “It is an emotional topic and a rough issue to discuss. I encounter examinees like this all the time. It is a normal reaction. It is up to the examiner to discuss things with them thoroughly to ensure they are understanding of the questions, as well.”

Ribacoff also noted that the special “was edited, and trailers were released to appear to make George look guilty, which could be why viewers were so highly tuned in.”

When his wife requests the production crew to move the couch they are sitting on for a certain scene in the program, George accuses her of being domineering. Cindy gets upset and suggests the seriousness of the polygraph examinations, stating that George might “end up in jail” if he “blows all this.”

Cindy experiences a panic attack at a different moment as she talks about Casey’s alleged involvement in Caylee’s murder.

“Since June 16, 2008, Caylee has been my No. 1 priority, as far as what happened to her and getting her back,” Cindy says in the special. “I lost Casey and my granddaughter that day, but Caylee was the priority. Caylee has always been my priority. My goal this whole time has been to find out the truth. And to sit here and listen to [Casey] keep making different stories as it fits…”

Fox News Digital captured George Anthony outside his Florida house before to the premiere of the series, and he appeared to be in a fairly composed state of mind.

Another scene from the episode features George “struggling” to respond to a query from episode Agent George Olivo, a former FBI agent.

“When I met them, they were soon separated, and I tested George first,” Olivo previously told Fox News Digital. “Nothing really stood out to me.”

Polygraph exams are “85 to 90% accurate” when given properly, according to Olivo.

About a month after Caylee was last seen on June 15, 2008, Cindy filed her first missing report for Caylee on July 15, 2008. Experts later testified during Casey’s trial that the vehicle did contain traces of human remains in the trunk. She also informed police that Casey’s impounded vehicle smelled like a dead corpse at the time.

When Casey was first detained that year, she told police her daughter had disappeared while she was with a babysitter. Casey was charged in relation to her daughter’s disappearance and death.

After her daughter passed away in June 2008, Casey moved out and reportedly didn’t report any crimes involving her kid while spending the next month with her lover.

In the Peacock series “Caylee Anthony: Where the Truth Lies,” which premieres in 2022, she stated that she “genuinely believed that Caylee was still alive.”

A utility worker discovered Caylee’s skeletal remains in a forested area approximately half a mile from the Anthony family’s residence many months later, in December 2008.

During a month-long trial in 2011, Casey Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez, claimed that Caylee had accidentally drowned in the family’s above-ground pool in June 2008 and that Casey’s parents then tried to hide her death and get rid of her remains—a claim that George and Cindy have categorically refuted.

The prosecution contended that Casey Anthony taped the 2-year-old’s lips shut and used chloroform to kill her daughter.

A Florida jury ruled Casey Anthony not guilty of first-degree murder, aggravated manslaughter, and aggravated child abuse after 11 hours of deliberation. To this day, the case is unsolved.

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