Living in the ‘DEI, LGBT, Gay Soviet Union’: Jack Posobiec’s Take on the Biden Administration

Living in the 'DEI, LGBT, Gay Soviet Union': Jack Posobiec's Take on the Biden Administration

In the Monday edition of Human Events Daily, Jack Posobiec voiced his concerns about the Biden administration’s handling of the hospitalization of U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, citing concerns over secrecy surrounding the incident. Posobiec painted a harsh picture, claiming that we are living in a “DEI, LGBT, gay Soviet Union,” and he urged … Read more

Russian President Vladmir Putin signed law that could RESUME NUCLEAR TESTS?

Russian President Vladmir Putin signed law that could RESUME NUCLEAR TESTS?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken a significant step by signing a law that may pave the way for Russia’s withdrawal from the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. This move comes after unanimous approval from both the lower and upper houses of Russia’s legislature in October, marking a potential shift in Russia’s nuclear policy. The … Read more

US Sanctions on Turkey Amid Russia Actions: Targeting Over 150 Entities

Austere US Sanctions on Turkey — The Biden administration has imposed sanctions on five Turkish companies and a Turkish national amidst surging tension in the Ukraine-Russia Conflict. US Sanctions on Turkey: How Will This Affect The Turkish Economy In 2024? Along with the US Sanctions on Turkey, the Biden Administration accused these Turkish firms of … Read more

Ominous Dmitry Medvedev Predictions — Raise Concerns of Future Attacks on the U.S.

Dmitry Medvedev Predictions

The world marked the “22nd anniversary “ of the tragic September 11, 2001 Twin—Towers of the World Trade Center attacks. Further, Dmitry Medvedev (a prominent figure in “Russia’s political topography” and a close ally of President Vladimir Putin) has stirred controversy — with the Ominous Dmitry Medvedev Predictions. Dmitry Medvedev Predictions Have Set Alarm Bells … Read more

US Sending Long Range Missiles To Ukraine: A Potential Russia-Ukraine War “Game-Changer”

US Sending Long Range Missiles

In a critical geopolitical progression; the United States is deliberating over “US Sending Long Range Missiles To Ukraine” — particularly the [Army Tactical Missile Systems a.k.a ATACMS]. US Sending Long Range Missiles To Ukraine: Still — No Definitive Decision This potential “US Sending Long Range Missiles To Ukraine” follows persistent Ukrainian appeals for this advanced weaponry … Read more

Air Force Secretary Kendall Sounds Alarm on China, Urges Sen. Tommy Tuberville to Prioritize National Security Over Nominations Standoff

Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall provided a stark warning about China’s rising military preparations aimed at the U.S. Kendall’s remarks, though primarily focused on China’s increasing aggression, took an unexpected turn when he directly addressed Sen. Tommy Tuberville. Sen. Tommy Tuberville Must Reconsider Nominations Hold Amidst Rising Chinese Threat READ ALSO:U.S. Air And Space Forces … Read more

American Sanctions On Russia: Fuel Challenges—In De-Dollarization Efforts

Amidst the ongoing American Sanctions On Russia; President Vladimir Putin’s endeavor to “diminish reliance” on the US dollar in international trade — encounters new hurdles. Russia’s Inimical Move Led To The “American Sanctions On Russia” The American Sanctions On Russia: part of Western measures in response to Russia’s actions in the geopolitical dimension. Russia’s inimical … Read more

Putin Russia Ukraine War Updates: Should The US Continue Aiding Ukraine in the Military Conflict?

Russia Ukraine War

In the midst of the extant Putin Russia Ukraine War; a growing division among US Republicans (regarding military aid to Ukraine) has come to the “forefront” of—geopolitical topography. Putin Russia Ukraine War Updates: United States Has Already Done Enough—Republicans Say Recent polls reveal the US Republicans faction indicating… that while Democrats “largely support” further aid … Read more

New US Sanctions on Russia—Trigger Kremlin’s Outrage and Putin’s Blunt Response

New US Sanctions On Russia

In the “extant contentions” between two gargantuan nations, the United States has imposed New US Sanctions on Russia—totaling $5.4 million in seized Russian oligarch assets. The crux of these New US Sanctions on Russia is to “detract” these confiscated funds from Russia toward “Ukrainian military veterans.” New US Sanctions On Russia Announced During “US Secretary Of … Read more

Escalating Cyber Tension Between US and Russia Raise Real-World Conflict Concerns

Burgeoning Tension Between US And Russia

In an era where “cyber warfare” among conflicting nations looms large; burgeoning tension between US and Russia in the so-called “virtual domain” — is fueling concerns of “potential” real-world clashes. Burgeoning Tension Between US And Russia—Artur Lyukmanov Warned The Risk Of  “Full-Blown” Conflict Moscow’s “top cybersecurity” diplomat—Artur Lyukmanov—has warned of the risk of a “full-blown” … Read more