Chandrayaan 3 Robotic Lander Successfully Touches Down Near Moon’s South Pole

India’s highly equipped Chandrayaan 3 robotic lander left its orbit to execute a powered descent using rockets, effectively landing near the southern pole of the moon with success.

The Successful Landing of Chandrayaan 3 Robotic Lander to the Moon

As reported by CBS, just four days after Russia’s Luna-25 moon probe crash-landed, India’s advanced Chandrayaan 3 robotic lander left its orbit and used rockets to safely touch down near the moon’s south pole.

Scientists and officials expressed joy through applause, cheers and hugs upon the spacecraft’s successful landing. Reuters mentioned that people all across India celebrated by lighting firecrackers and dancing in the streets.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi – Photo by: (NBC News)

 The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is Joyous

 In a speech about the Chandrayaan 3 successful landing, Indian Prime Minister Modi says, “I’m confident that all countries in the world, including those from the global south, are capable of capturing success. We can all aspire to the moo and beyond.” He also added that, “This success belongs o all of humanity and it will help moon mission by other countries in the future.”

India achieved a significant milestone by becoming the fourth country to softly land on the moon. Their Chandrayaan 3 mission successfully landed near the moon’s south pole. This achievement puts India alongside China, the former Soviet Union, and the United States in the group of nations that have intentionally landed on the moon’s surface.

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