Charlotte Sena Kidnapping Suspect Wanted In Two Cold Case Deaths In The Area: Know More Here

The arrest of a suspected ransom kidnapper in upstate New York has refocused attention on a pair of unsolved slayings in the same Saratoga County neighbourhood.

Christina White, 19, and Jennifer “Moonbeam” Hammond, 18, went missing two years apart and were eventually discovered discarded in rural Greenfield, New York.

Charlotte Sena Kidnapping Suspect Wanted In Two Cold Case Deaths In The Area: Know More Here

Authorities stated White had been stabbed in the gut when her skeletal remains were discovered a year after she went missing near Daketown Road in June 2005. Her phone, wallet, and the knife she typically carries had all gone missing.

According to authorities, Hammond, a Colorado native, was last seen in August 2003 when coworkers dropped her off at the Creek and Pines Caravan Park, off Middleline Road in Ballston Spa, where she was going door to door selling magazines.

She never showed up at the appointed pickup location to meet her boss. Her possessions were discovered in her hotel, and a bus ticket purchased to return to Colorado was never used.

She was gone for six years when her skull was discovered at Lake Desolation Road. Her cause of death has not been disclosed by police.

Authorities told local media in 2017 that they felt the crimes were connected, and both have gained increased attention following the neighbouring abduction of a 9-year-old girl called Charlotte Sena, which drew national attention.

Craig Nelson Ross Jr., the man accused of snatching Charlotte off her bike in Moreau Lake State Park on September 30, has lived in and around parks for decades. On Monday, police rescued the young child from a parked camper on his mother’s farm on Barrett Road.

“He’s alleged to have abducted her, but we also know that the best predictor of present or future behaviour is past behaviour,” said John Kelly, a criminal profiler and the president of STALK Inc. “So, has he ever abducted in the past?”

Kelly believes whoever killed White and Hammond knew the area well and had a fondness for redheads. He noted the close closeness of where they were last seen and where their corpses were discovered around 10 miles away. They both had reddish hair.

“Many killers are interested in certain physical characteristics of their victims, which are usually part of their fantasy,” he told Fox News Digital. “Both victims were found in the deep woods of upstate New York in Greenfield.”

Kelly added that both victims went missing near caravan parks in the county.

Ross has not been labelled a suspect in either cold case, but the alleged attempt to exact a ransom from Charlotte’s family has residents of the town questioning their reclusive longtime neighbour.

“At this time, we have no information to indicate that he was or was not involved,” Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Matthew Robinson told the Albany Times-Union.

Investigators would look at Ross’s possible connection to any outstanding cases in their jurisdiction as a standard process, he added.

Nonetheless, there is little publicly acknowledged evidence of a link, according to Kelly.

“He does have a history of violence, but he does not have much of a criminal history,” he said.

Both victims of cold cases were in their late teens. The motives for White and Hammond’s murders remain unknown. Following Charlotte’s kidnapping, there was a reported ransom demand.

Ross’s first reported run-in with the law was a DWI conviction in Saratoga Springs in 1999. Police said they found his fingerprints on a ransom note placed in the Sena family mailbox, which led to his capture decades ago.

Following that, he was charged with two misdemeanours: aggravated harassment in 2016 and domestic violence in 2017.

With the increased attention, Kelly expressed hope that someone would come forward with new information for detectives.

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