Chicago Community Mourns Loss of Man Fatally Shot Trying to Stop Car Theft

Salvador Herrera, a Chicago barman who was shot and murdered while attempting to stop vehicle thieves, was remembered during a tribute Thursday evening.

The vigil was held near the junction where the 42-year-old was shot, uniting the community in their pursuit of justice.

Herrera’s sister stated that the last two weeks had been the most traumatic of her life, owing in part to the fact that her brother’s murder remained unresolved. Marcelina Herrera has been going door-to-door on the Near West Side, passing out fliers with her brother’s image in the hopes that someone knows the answer to his murder.

“I am present here where my brother’s life was taken away in pursuit of justice, so they can put a face to the name because I refuse the thought of my brother ever becoming a statistic,” she told the crowd.

Herrera was shot and died while on his way home from work, according to his family, after attempting to halt a car break-in. He was halted at Loomis and Flournoy when he noticed a bunch attempting to break into a Hyundai. When he attempted to step in, he was still in his vehicle.

Herrera was shot in the back, according to investigators, and was subsequently discovered by cops on patrol.

On Thursday night, family and friends shared memories of the cherished son and brother.

“They say you can’t choose your family; you can choose your friends, and I’m really glad that I chose him,” a close friend said.

“Sal wasn’t just a victim. “He was an honest, healthy, selfless, and hardworking man,” said Remis Herrera, his sister.

“He was a hero in every way. What did he do while no one was looking? “He came to a halt,” cousin Jay Lopez explained.

The family is requesting that anybody with knowledge on Herrera’s death contact Chicago police.

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