Chicago Democrats Storm City Officials While Clinics Close And Schools Are Shuttered To Accommodate Migrants

In an attempt to lessen the effects of the Windy City’s sanctuary status, a South Side Chicago activist filed to run for state representative on Wednesday, stating that local officials must realize that “illegal” really means “illegal.”

Chicago Democrats Storm City Officials While Clinics Close And Schools Are Shuttered To Accommodate Migrants

Founder of Chicago Against Violence Andre Smith said Fox News that Democratic Mayor Brandon Johnson, not Texas Governor Greg Abbott, is to blame for the city’s growing migrant crisis, despite what local officials have claimed.

“Seeing our homeless on the [streets] and crime is at an all-time high, you know you can’t make ‘illegal’ ‘legal’ no matter… how you do it,” Smith said.

That being said, Johnson claimed that his office had lately “responded to this humanitarian mission with the full force of government,” before branding Abbott “reckless” for his bus dispatches “all over the state of Illinois.”

According to local media, Smith announced that he has begun his Democratic primary campaign for the Illinois State House, where he will face off against Representative Kimberly du Buclet.

Smith also related how he and two other men were arrested the previous year for staging a protest in front of a closed school that had been used by authorities as a shelter for migrant workers.

“In the community that I was born in, which is called Woodlawn in the city of Chicago, I did get arrested. I heard that they were bringing the migrants in on a CTA bus that was paid for by taxpayers’ money… So I stood in front of the bus, and I refused for the illegal migrants to get into the Wadsworth School,” he said.

“A lot of schools closed because of lack of funding. And how do you think those children feel now that they’re driving past and walking past the schools that they were rejected from that now, migrants are living in?” Smith asked.

Smith claimed that as the US is a lawful nation, all citizens should be subject to the same rules, even though immigrants are not.

According to him, calling a city a “sanctuary city” shouldn’t be done in violation of the law.

Smith declared that he would seek Johnson’s recall if elected, noting that Johnson had defeated fellow left-wing Mayor Lori Lightfoot the previous year.

He continued by saying that the people of Chicago ought to vote on whether or not to make Chicago a sanctuary city.

Nevertheless, Sandra Smith of “America Reports” noted that Smith also applauded a councilman from a suburban city for comments that were initially misinterpreted.

Naperville councilman Josh McBroom suggested that city employees start a registration sheet for those living in his wealthy, Democratic neighbourhood who might want to voluntarily welcome immigrants into their homes.

According to reports, McBroom first received backlash from the political right before it was explained that his remarks were a challenge to Naperville residents who had yard signs and slogans supporting sanctuary or immigration.

According to Smith, McBroom is thus one of the few public servants in Illinois who is aware of the migrant problem and the harm it has caused to local communities.

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