Child Sex Offender Committed Suicide Before Serving Time

A 41-year-old child sex offender, Richard Jay Duplessis, committed suicide before he could serve any time. A Galveston County jury sentenced Duplessis to life in prison but wasn’t in court to hear his fate.

Child Sex Offender Committed Suicide Before Serving Time
Child Sex Offender Committed Suicide Before Serving Time

Victims of Sexual Abuse

On August 12, 2022, a victim of sexual abuse stepped forward. The victim said that Duplessis had sexually assaulted her since May 2021 and ended in February 2022, and she was only around 6 or 7 years old. Duplessis arrested in September for continuous sexual abuse of a child. The charge of punishment for the offense was 25 years to life in prison and he posted a $250,000 bond in November 2022. The trial began on July 18, and the other two victims of Duplessis also showed up. Duplessis sexually abused them when they were children and took advantage of their trust and innocence. The state presented text messages and showed how inappropriate Duplessis communication with the child was. He is a predator, and he preys on young girls that can’t protect themselves, Attorney Raneca Henson argued.

According to a Click2Houston News report, records show that Duplessis was accused of sexual assault of a child in Galveston County in 2016 but got lesser charge of endangering a child. In 2017, he was accused of the same crime in Harris County, but court records show that case got dismissed.

The defendant required rehabilitation, according to the defense. Atty. Henson opined that Duplessis needed jail time, not treatment. It’s a very weird situation. In my career, it’s never happened before, Atty. Henson added.

Child Sex Offender Committed Suicide

On Thursday, July 20, a jury in Galveston, Texas, found Richard Jay Duplessis guilty of ongoing child sex assault and sentenced him to life in prison. The defendant wasn’t there when his fate was announced in court. Authorities searched for him and discovered that he committed suicide. Duplessis’s hanging body was discovered in a house in the 3500 block of Avenue in Galveston, S 1/2, On Tuesday, July 25, Attorney Brent Haynes wrote in a press statement to Law&Crime.

Duplessis had attended the first two days of his trial, but the third and last day were missing. The reason Duplessis skipped court on the last day of the trial is not known to the general public. Galveston District Attorney’s Office was informed that Duplessis committed suicide and was found at his godmother’s house.

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