China In Focus Full Broadcast (Feb. 6)

Hundreds of Chinese illegal marijuana grows cropping up across the U.S. Many of these operations tied to Chinese crime rings.

If the misusing commercial spyware wants to enter the U.S. could find out themselves out of luck. This because of Washington’s new visa policy appears to have a hidden recipient: China’s cyber espionage campaign.

Chinese stocks see a rebound after more than $6 trillion got wiped off market value.

And a two-hour drive turns into a three-day nightmare. Thousands of holiday travelers stranded in a winter blizzard in China. More on how they’ve survived without water, heat, or aid.

  1. Illicit Chinese Marijuana Grows: Lawmakers Concerned
  2. U.S. Announces Visa Blocks to Curtail Spyware Misuse
  3. House Panel Warns of China’s Election Interference
  4. Economics Professor: Chinese Stock Rebound Won’t Last Long
  5. Arizona Introduces Bill Combating Organ Harvesting
  6. Winter Weather Disrupts Millions Over Chinese New Year
  7. Travelers Stranded for Three Days Without Food
  8. Two Dead After Snow Collapsed Roofs in China
  9. Official Sounds Alarm on Chinese ‘Infiltration’ of Guam
  10. Mosher: CCP Drives China’s Drop in Population

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