China, Russia tried to meddle in 2022 midterms: US intel

Intelligence report has revealed that China, Russia and Iran sought to meddle in the 2022 U.S. midterm elections at higher rates as compared to those they did in the 2018 midterms.

The report find out that the involvement of more foreign actors would probably reflects the shifting of geopolitical risk calculus and perceptions to normalise the election influence activity and a greater emphasis on election security in IC collection and analysis.The IC did not find ” a directive from any foreign leader to undertake a comprehensive, whole -of -government influence campaign,” as the Russians carried out in the 2016 election . and it said the level of foreign activity was lower than what is expected during presidential cycles . ”

The IC found there were notably not persistent efforts to gain access to election infrastructure or to change votes, which the report noted is ” technically challenging. ” Instead , foreign actors now seem mostly focused on “amplifying authentic US public narratives to try to influence electoral outcomes , increase mistrust in US election processes, and stoke sociopolitical divisions.”

According to the report, this approach would provide deniability as foreign actors propagate US content to try to exploit existing fissures.

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