Class-action settlement: Deadline for CVS lidocaine customers to file claim in six days

CVS Pharmacy has reported with maximum strength Iidocaine patches, creams, roll-ons or spray products and the customers who had purchased these products can file a claim within 5 more days in a $3.8 million settlement.

Customers accused CVS Pharmacy by saying that the packaging of their products was deceptive because this lead to people believe that these products have maximum strength of Iidocaine. To resolve this matter they has agreed for the settlement but denied any wrongdoing. The last date of filing this claim is November 20.


This claim will be eligible to those customers who have purchased their products from December 11,2023 to July 18,2023.

Customers can file for up to three claims to recover $4.50 per unit having no proof and the person with proof are also entitled to $4.50 per units with no limit of number of claims. The person who got affected by their products can claims with proof of purchase or without proof but not both.

The final approval to this settlement is scheduled with a hearing on December 19, where affected customers may speak about this settlement with pharmacy. Further information regarding this settlement is available on court-authorised website.

Affected person can file their claim till November 27 of  this settlement with Capital One.


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