Cocaine Stuffed Cheese Wheels Busted by Border Patrols in Texas Mexico

On Friday, officials reported that U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers uncovered approximately 20 pounds of cocaine concealed within seemingly ordinary cheese wheels as they were crossing the border from Mexico into Texas.

Cocaine Concealed in Cheese Wheels

Border inspectors at the Presidio Port of Entry checked a pickup vehicle driven by a 22-year-old man that entered from Mexico on Thursday, carrying four cheese wheels, according to FOX News.

The authorities discovered “anomalies” in the cheese wheels after evaluating them using an X-ray scanner. After slicing open the cheese, the officers revealed seven bundles containing a total weight of 17.8 pounds of what they identified as cocaine concealed inside the wheels.

CBP seized both the drugs and the vehicle after making the finding. Following that, the 22-year-old driver, who was recognized as a U.S. citizen, was transferred to Homeland Security Investigations to face charges related to the alleged failed smuggling operation. More information about the driver was not immediately made available.

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Cocaine Stuffed Cheese Wheels – Photo by: (97X)

 Other Cover-Ups for Smuggling Cases

Last year, Texas border patrol agents made their largest cocaine discovery in two decades when they discovered $12 million in illegal drugs hidden behind a consignment of baby wipes.

Drug traffickers have been captured at the border while attempting to conceal narcotics from law officials in unusual places, such as concealed compartments within vehicles and petrol tanks.

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