COINING IT Your Lincoln penny could be worth $19,000 but you need to look for the exact ‘NH’ error

A rare penny have been revealed by one coin collector whose value is kept rising up. The coin collector is also a TikToker who used to dedicate his channel to revealing the mysteries of rare coins. In one of his video, he revealed that a penny of this rare coin is a worth $19,000 due to its well-known “NH” error.


The TikToker started his video by revealing the screenshot of the coin from Heritage Auctions. This coin was struck on a 2000 New Hampshire quarter planchet with the year engraved on its front.

This coin also has an impression of a 2000 penny on it.

The back side of the coin has a mountain saying “New Hampshire” above “United States of America” and is branded as one cent.

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