Conflict Between A Criminal Group And Locals In Central Mexico Results In 11 Deaths

Authorities in central Mexico said that a fight on Friday resulted in the deaths of eleven persons, including members of a criminal gang and locals of a tiny farming hamlet.

Conflict Between A Criminal Group And Locals In Central Mexico Results In 11 Deaths

Social media users shared dramatic footage of the altercation, which featured people wearing cowboy hats, pursuing suspected gang members with hunting rifles and scythes in between automatic gunshot bursts.

The altercation took place in the hamlet of Texcaltitlan, a community located roughly 80 miles (130 kilometres) southwest of the capital, according to police in the State of Mexico, which borders Mexico City.

According to state police, three of the deceased were village residents and the other eight were members of the criminal group. The vicious Familia Michoacana drug cartel has ruled that region for ten years; the police did not identify the organisation.

Familia Michoacana gunmen, according to the local media, had earlier entered the village and demanded that the farmers there pay an extortion price calculated per acre (hectare). Authorities refrained from commenting on that right away.

Mexico’s drug cartels have a history of extorting money from virtually any kind of business, whether legal or illegal. In rare cases, they have even been known to assault or set fire to stores, farms, or ranches that refuse to pay.

The Familia Michoacana is well-known for both the 2022 massacre of 20 town residents in the nearby state of Guerrero, as well as their blatant police ambushes. The mayor, his father, and eighteen other men were slain in the raid.

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