Damian Lillard Trade Rumors: The Biggest Storyline Of NBA 2023

Damian Lillard trade rumors is said to be the biggest storyline of NBA 2023.

Damian Lillard trade rumors has been going on in line with NBA 2023. (Photo: The Cold Wire)
Damian Lillard trade rumors have been going on in line with NBA 2023. (Photo: The Cold Wire)

Damian Lillard Trade Rumors

An update about Damian Lillard trade rumors has remained firm in his desire to be traded to the Miami Heat and has not budged in his trade request from the Portland Trail Blazers. However the two teams have not been able to agree on a deal yet, leaving two big questions unanswered about Damian Lillard trade rumors.

According to Shams Charania, the two sides will soon resume negotiations about Damian Lillard trade rumors, and he will only report to training camp with either the Blazers or the Heat. Adding to Damian Lillard trade rumors, Charania also mentioned the possibility of the Toronto Raptors being interested in Lillard.

It is unclear if there have been any meaningful conversations about the Damian Lillard trade rumors between the Raptors and the Blazers, but there seems to be some interest there.

However, it is hard to believe that due to Damian Lillard trade rumors, he would sit out if he was traded to another team, as he has a strong work ethic and commitment to the game.

According to a published article by CBS Sports, it is more likely that this Damian Lillard trade rumor stance is a negotiating tactic from his camp.

2023 NBA Offseason Storyline

In a published article by Sports Illustrated, the biggest storyline of the 2023 NBA offseason is Damian Lillard’s trade request after spending 11 seasons with the Portland Trail Blazers.

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