Dangerous Cities in Italy: A Closer Look at the Top 10

A country full of history, romance, and breathtaking scenery, Italy also has multiple safety concerns. Although Italy’s overall crime rate remains significantly lower than many other developed countries, certain cities within Italy’s borders experience higher crime rates, particularly violent crime. To navigate this beautiful country safely, it is important for travelers and residents alike to understand areas of increased risk.

Here is a comprehensive overview of the 10 most dangerous cities in Italy, based on the latest data from the Crime Index and other reliable sources.


Catania is located at the foot of Mount Etna and is considered the most dangerous city in Italy with a crime index of 56.42. It’s notorious for street crime, mafia presence, and corruption, so be careful, especially at night and in off-the-beaten-path areas.


Naples is a city typical of its lively turmoil and historical importance, struggling with a crime index of 50.97. While pickpocketing and petty theft are common, less frequent but more serious crimes require vigilance.

Dangerous cities in Italy


While the Eternal City attracts tourists, it also faces the challenge of maintaining public order. The crime index of 48. 21 reflects concerns about pickpockets, purse snatching and fraud, especially in crowded tourist areas.


Italy’s industrial powerhouse Turin suffers from a crime index of 47.68. Pickpocketing and handbag theft are common, especially near public transport and popular tourist attractions.


This port city in southern Italy has a crime index of 47.09. Petty theft and fraud targeting tourists is widespread, while organized crime activity requires investigation in certain areas.


Sicily’s capital, Palermo, has a checkered history and a crime index of 46.74. Although the influence of the mafia is waning, it still looms large and visitors should be careful, especially at night.


Italy’s fashion capital is bustling, but the crime rate is 46.37. Pickpockets and scams are common, especially in crowded places and on public transportation.


This coastal city offers great views but has a crime index of 45.75. Petty theft and fraud are particularly common near tourist attractions, so visitors should be vigilant.


The birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence is charming, but its crime index is 45.48. Pickpockets and scams targeting tourists are common, especially near famous tourist spots and during high season.


Despite its romantic charm, the canal city struggles with a crime index of 44.99. Petty theft and fraud targeting tourists is common, especially in crowded areas and inside gondolas.

Although the risk of crime may be higher in these cities, it is important to remember that Italy is still an overwhelmingly safe country.
By understanding areas with increased risk and taking proactive measures such as finding safe areas, observing your surroundings, and avoiding suspicious situations, individuals can enjoy the beauty of Italy without compromising their safety. You can explore.

So pack your bags and be enchanted by the spirit of Italy. Remember, a little education goes a long way to ensure a safe and fulfilling Italian adventure.

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