Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez nailed with second set of allegations related to supposed bribery with Qatari company

Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey got charged with bribery allegations for the second time which is related to money, this allegation got accepted by him from an investment fund in Qatar.

The accusation on him is for supporting Muslim nation by making positive statements for them in order to help a developer in New Jersey to obtain a multi-million-dollar investment from a company tied to Qatar. The developer named Fred Daibes is also indicted in the new allegations.

Daibes got allegations of purchasing luxury watches worth between $10,000 and $24,000 and gifted them to Menendez so that he could give positive comments about Qatar. The evidence of this is the message send by Daibes to the senator with pictures of watches asking, “How about one of these.”

When Daibes obtained the joint venture, the Qataris also offered the wife of senator the tickets to the Formula One Grand Prix in Florida.

Menendez was also charged with bribery charges when he received alleged payments including cash, gold bars, and others. He has pleaded not guilty to both sets of allegations.

After this his attorney, Adam Fee also responded to the new allegations by saying that they “stink of desperation.”

Menendez has also denied charges and refused to step down from his office. Daibes has also pleaded not guilty to the allegations.




























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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