Dexter Wade’s Autopsy Report: Identification Found in Front Pocket at Time of Death

An update on the case of Dexter Wade, a man from Mississippi who was killed by a police car and interred in an unmarked grave, comes from his autopsy report, which states that at the time of his passing, his identity was inside his jeans.

As previously reported, Bettersten Wade discovered that her son was laid to rest in an unmarked cemetery six months following his death from injuries sustained in March when he was hit by a police car close to a motorway. Pathologist Dr. Frank Peretti said in a statement from Attorney Ben Crump’s office that Dexter’s body was in a highly advanced condition of decomposition and had not been embalmed. He had several blunt force injuries to his ribs, pelvis, and cranium, and his left leg had been severed.

Dexter’s wallet, which had his credit card, health insurance card, and state identity card with his home address, was in the front pocket of his pants when he passed away. Soon, a comprehensive report is anticipated for release.

As per Crump’s statement:

Dexter’s state identity card and a number of other identifying materials demonstrate that a deliberate attempt was made to conceal the circumstances of his murder from his family. There’s no justification—not even incompetence—for failing to notify a man’s next of kin upon his death. Dexter was a young Black man who was buried with the same lack of respect and dignity as an animal—something that no human being is worthy of. This case has repeatedly demonstrated that there are blatant conflicts of interest and that local authorities cannot be trusted in this regard. We are calling again, louder than ever, for the Department of Justice to look into every local organisation participating in Dexter’s death and what his mother suspects is a coverup.”

“Dexter’s tomb has the number 672 on it. The message ended, “We can only hope that hundreds of other families aren’t out there unintentionally experiencing this same destiny.

Reverend Al Sharpton is anticipated to give the eulogy and a national call to justice during Dexter’s funeral, which is set for November 20 at New Horizon Church International.

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