Double Homicide Suspect’s Case Takes a Dark Turn at Green Bay – Graphic Evidence Unveiled!

Green Bay Police Technician Guides Jurors Through Crime Scene Evidence

Trial Continues with Detailed Testimony and Evidence Presentation

According to Wbay, during the trial of Richard Sotka in Green Bay the jurors were presented with hours of crime scene photos on Thursday. Sotka stands accused of murdering his girlfriend and her friend at a residence in Green Bay last January. The 49 year old faces multiple serious charges including first degree intentional homicide.

An evidence technician from the Green Bay Police Department took the stand and guided the jurors through the extensive collection of photos taken at the crime scene. The jury scrutinized hundreds of images and each accompanied by detailed descriptions some of which were notably graphic. Dr. Elizabeth Douglas, the Chief Medical Examiner of Brown County testified that she conducted autopsies on both victims and determined the manner of death for each to be homicide. She attributed the cause of death for both victims to multiple sharp force injuries. The prosecution referenced items found in one victim’s toxicology report but Dr. Douglas stated that none appeared to contribute to her death.

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Bond set for Green Bay double homicide suspect, preliminary hearing Feb. 22 | WFRV
Double Homicide Suspect’s Case Takes a Dark Turn at Green Bay – Graphic Evidence Unveiled!(PHOTO: getty image)

Prosecution Presses Forward in Pursuit of Justice for Victims’ Families

As the proceedings wrapped up for the day the court heard testimony regarding the autopsy of one of the victims, Cegelski. A juror was dismissed leaving a total of 13 jurors to continue hearing the case moving forward. The trial continues as the prosecution presents evidence and witnesses in its pursuit of justice for the victims and their families.

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