Drive by Shooting Killed a Man from Aurora Chasing a Scooter Thieves

A man from Aurora was shot and killed in a drive by shooting while chasing scooter thieves early on Wednesday.

 A Drive by Shooting Killed a Man from Aurora

According to FOX 31, a man was fatally shot in a drive by shooting at an Aurora residence. The individual impacted was a 49-year-old man who woke up upon hearing the thieves attempting to steal his scooter from his backyard. Prior to the drive by shooting, he had confronted two individuals he caught stealing scooters from his backyard. He tried to stop the people from stealing the scooters.

As per CBS, the person who got shot died after going to the hospital. Police chief Acevedo explained that two officers were actively watching an area known for having a lot of crime. It was around 2:32 in the morning when the officers saw two men arguing at a bus stop near the Colfax and Havana crossing.

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A Drive by Shooting Killed a Man from Aurora – Photo by: (magnum shooting)

 Here are Further Information Regarding the Aurora Drive by Shooting

The police assured that this was a singular event, and the public is not in any ongoing danger, even though the suspects responsible have not been recognized as of now. The authorities are still having their investigation currently in different locations that are connected to the drive by shooting incident.

Due to the situation, they had to close down East 10th Avenue from Paris Street to Nome Street, and they also blocked off the whole stretch of Paris Street from 10th Avenue to Del Mar Park. To reach Aurora Central School, students, teachers, and parents were advised to use 11th Avenue or 6th Avenue to access Peoria.

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