Driver Crashes into Chinese Consulate in San Francisco, Attempts to Stab Officer Before Fatal Shooting, Police Report

Authorities said Thursday that the driver of a blue Honda sedan that smashed into the Chinese consulate in San Francisco last week was armed with a knife and had a loaded crossbow in his car before being shot and killed by police.

According to San Francisco Police, Zhanyuan Yang, 31, slammed into the lobby area of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China on October 9 shortly after 3 p.m. local time. There were no further injuries, according to police at the time.

The San Francisco Police Department conducted a town hall meeting on Thursday to discuss the details of the consulate attack. 911 calls and body camera footage of responding police officers were presented by officials.

One video shows an officer arriving at the site and sprinting into a building where a blue vehicle appears to have wrecked. As the officer walks deeper into the building, the camera focuses on a man wearing a blue T-shirt and trousers and obscuring his face. Eventually, the man is forced up against a wall, and a voice asks him whether he has a gun. An cop then fires his gun at the man, who drops onto the floor.

“As the sergeant and the security guard pinned Mr. Yang from behind against the wall, Mr. Yang rotated towards the sergeant and the security guard and exposed the knife in his right hand,” said Acting Cmdr. Mark Im of the San Francisco Police Department during a town hall meeting.

“Mr. Yang made multiple, rapid downward swinging motions with the knife towards the direction of the sergeant and security guard,” Im went on to say.

Driver Crashes into Chinese Consulate in San Francisco, Attempts to Stab Officer Before Fatal Shooting, Police Reveal New Details

According to authorities, consular security personnel used pepper spray on Yang before officers arrived.

According to police, they recovered a loaded CenterPoint crossbow and arrows from the scene. The crossbow and arrows were discovered in the rear seat of the crashed car, according to evidence images released, but the motivation remains unknown.

Witnesses reported there were about 30 people in the lobby when a car slammed into the consulate building, according to 911 recordings obtained. According to one caller, the vehicle purposefully crashed into the building. A witness video also shows more than a dozen people fleeing the building as security guards attempt to apprehend Yang in the lobby, near to his smashed automobile.

The information came to light after police refused to clarify why they opened fire at the location or whether the motorist was armed. Last week, police did not specify whether the crash was intentional.

Witness Sergii Molchanov captured video of individuals sprinting past a blue automobile smashed into a wall inside the embassy, which is littered with debris. Molchanov said the automobile drove into the building through the front door and into a wall just feet away from where he was seated last week while he was waiting to submit visa documents.

According to Molchanov, the driver got out of the car and yelled, “Where is CCP?” referring to the Chinese Communist Party. According to him, the driver then began fighting with security guards.

“Terrified visitors, including myself, ran, and then police arrived,” Molchanov added, adding that he heard two gunshots.

The Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco said in a statement last week that the crash caused “serious damage” and placed people’s lives in danger. In addition, the embassy requested that an inquiry be “carried out expeditiously and dealt with seriously in accordance with the law.”

San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott stated that various search warrants were fulfilled and material was recovered from Yang’s residence, but that no motivation could be revealed at this time.

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