Eight Pro-Palestinian Demonstrators Are Detained By Atlanta Police Near Lenox Square Mall: Know More Here

At a demonstration outside Atlanta, Georgia’s Lenox Square Mall on Friday, eight pro-Palestinian demonstrators were taken into custody.

On Friday afternoon, dozens of demonstrators marched towards Peachtree Road from the Lenox MARTA station while carrying signs endorsing Palestinians.

Eight Pro-Palestinian Demonstrators Are Detained By Atlanta Police Near Lenox Square Mall: Know More Here

“From the sea to the river, Palestine will live forever,” protesters were heard yelling as passing automobiles honked.

Protesters asked that police free several detainees whom they had spotted wearing zip-tied handcuffs before loading them onto transport cars. One of the individuals placed under police custody had a sash that said “legal observer,” according to Fox 5 Atlanta.

In a statement to Fox 5 Atlanta, the Atlanta Police Department reported that some of the protesters broke into the roadway and defied the police’ requests to leave.

“APD continues to monitor the situation to ensure the safety of shoppers, visitors and demonstrators, and to uphold the law and protect the right to free speech,” a spokesperson said.

In an effort to disrupt Black Friday shoppers, pro-Palestinian demonstrations also took place on Friday in a number of other American cities, including Boston, Los Angeles, and New York City. Some of the demonstrators even called for a Palestinian insurrection in the Middle East.

The demonstrations coincided with the start of a four-day cease-fire between Israeli troops and Hamas terrorists, which included the release of Palestinian inmates detained in the Jewish State and hostages abducted by Hamas during its attack on Israel on October 7.

Thirteen Israeli, ten Thai, and one Filipino captive were among the twenty-four hostages that Hamas freed on Friday. As part of the agreement, over thirty-two Palestinian inmates serving lengthy sentences in Israeli prisons were released. These included fifteen teenagers serving lengthy sentences for offences including stone-throwing, and 24 women, some of whom had been found guilty of attempted murder for attacking Israeli forces.

However, neither Israelis nor Palestinians are happy with the temporary cease-fire; Israelis are unhappy since not all hostages will be freed, while Palestinians are unhappy with how little time the combat will stop. Israel declared that although the truce may be renewed if Hamas releases more hostages, the war will still go on once it does.

Since Hamas launched its biggest onslaught against Israel in decades on October 7, which prompted an Israeli military response, around 14,000 people have died in Gaza and Israel. Many others have been taken hostage by Hamas and have been raped, tortured, and killed. Thousands more have been injured.

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