Addition of 3000 Tech workers by General Motors with the goal to enhance Electric Vehicles Growth

On Monday, General Motors announced that it is planning to employ 3000 workers who will focus on software development as the automaker is trying to speed up the production of electric vehicles. These jobs will mainly involve information technology, designing, and engineering to promote inclusion and diversity and contribute to GM’s electric vehicle. The hiring will take place during the 2021 first quarter. The majority of these positions will be offered remotely. This is the first time General Motors is providing opportunities for people to work wherever they are. 

Mark Reuss, the GM president, said that as the company continues to develop software expertise, it is essential to recruit people with diverse talents for the organization’s benefit. He added that by doing so, it would be a clear indication that they are devoted to software development needed for EVs and enhancing customer experience. 

The company’s comprehensive hiring is driven by the fact that GM wants to emphasize the production of more electric vehicles. By 2023, the company is targeting to manufacture over 20 new electric vehicles. By 2025, GM has plans to invest over $20 billion in autonomous and electric vehicles. 

Speaking through a call on Monday, GM vice president of electric and autonomous vehicles programs, Morris Ken, said that the company had developed two others upcoming EVs after the GMC Hummer EV, the first GM’s electric vehicle with Ultium battery cells. 

Morris said that the company is moving at a very rapid rate in producing these vehicles. He added that most things are done virtually, making it more efficient and effective than ever before. 

The GM shares rose to $39.72 before the Monday announcement as the stock exchange was up by 5% as a result of the Covid-19 vaccine and priorities by President-elect Joe Biden to support EVs. 

Morris said that the company is looking forward to work and cooperate with the Joe Biden administration. He added that they hope that the new administration will administer and support policies that will significantly adopt electric vehicles all over the 50 states. Morris also said that the only way to curb climate change is by getting rid of automobile emissions, and this will be made possible through the use of EVs for future zero-emissions. 

The company clarified that these new job offerings are not connected with the earlier announcement to employ 1100 workers. GM said that the previous announcement was a joint venture with LG Chem of $2.3 billion used in Ultium cells production.