Ex NBA Player confess the murder.

In a stunning turn of events, Chance Comanche has confessed to the homicide of Marayna Rodgers, uncovering upsetting subtleties of the wrongdoing. Las Vegas police have ensnared Comanche and his 19-year-former sweetheart, Sakari Harnden, in the fastidiously arranged and executed murder.

The evil plot unfurled on November 30, uncovered through instant messages and gathering talks acquired by specialists. Comanche at first looked for the contribution of a companion in the homicide, yet when repelled, he and Harnden contrived an arrangement to draw Rodgers into a snare masked as “unusual sex.” Promising her an installment of $1,000, Comanche persuaded Rodgers to meet him, where she was then limited with zip ties, unmindful of the looming risk.

Comanche informed examiners that Harnden generally disapproved of Rodgers, including a disagreement regarding a Rolex watch. The rationale in the homicide originated from this supposed fight. The couple drove Rodgers to a disengaged region, where Comanche utilized a HDMI line to choke her. At the point when Rodgers attempted to inhale, Comanche stopped, and Harnden purportedly dominated, at last stifling her to death. The dead body was subsequently unloaded in Henderson, covered with rocks.

Twitter clients responded to the stunning admission, communicating skepticism and awfulness. Comanche’s capture quickly followed his delivery from the Stockton Lords b-ball group. Secured by the FBI on December 15, he is right now in guardianship without bail in California, anticipating judicial procedures.

The shocking wrongdoing unfurled while Rodgers, visiting Las Vegas from Washington state, was accounted for missing on December 7. Police started murder accusations subsequent to finding her remaining parts in a desert area of Henderson on December 17. While Harnden has to deal with penalties of homicide, robbery, and abducting, Comanche, anticipating removal to Nevada, is yet to be officially accused of homicide. Virtual entertainment clients communicated a blend of incredulity and judgment, underscoring the lamentable misuse of life and the surprising twofold lives a few people lead.

This upsetting case draws matches with one more unfortunate homicide, remarkably the demise of Nigerian powerhouse Augusta Osedion (Austa XXO), where her sweetheart admitted to the killing by means of Instagram posts after she was found dead in July 2023.

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