Ex-NFL Star Sergio Brown Arrested Amidst Flight Scare, Suspected of Mother’s Homicid

Sergio Brown, a former NFL safety, was recently captured on cell phone video. Brown may be seen cursing and fighting with Mexican authorities as they attempted to extradite him to the United States in the short video.

The retired football player can be heard yelling that he was ‘kidnapped’ and transported to Tijuana by authorities. “They’re abducting me. “I’m from Chicago,” Brown announced to the other passengers. “I should not be going to Tijuana.”

Two Mexican police officers stood on either side of Brown, acting as his escorts. “Let me go,” he kept saying. This is considered kidnapping.” Michelle Williams of Lakeside was returning from a vacation in Cancun when she filmed the footage inside the Aeromexico jet. Williams then informed CBS8 that she did not witness Brown wearing shackles.

“It was crazy just to hear him yell that he was being kidnapped,” Williams said. “And I’m just thinking, what is going on?”

Why are officials searching for Sergio Brown?

Sergio Brown, 35, has been wanted by police since his mother, Myrtle Brown, was discovered dead on September 16. Her death was deemed a homicide following an autopsy. However, the coroner did not uncover anything. Sergio has been missing since then, and officials believe he crossed the border into Mexico.

When the former Indianapolis Colts athlete released a video on social media accusing officials of kidnapping him, their suspicions were confirmed. “They kidnapped me from home twice.” Brown claimed to be a member of the Maywood Police Department. “It had to be the FBI or the Maywood Police Department.” “I thought my mother was on vacation.”

Sergio Brown’s neighbour, Carlos Cortez, spotted him carrying away rubbish and burning Myrtle’s clothes in a bonfire. After Brown’s anxious family called, Cortez stepped out with his front-door camera footage to back up his story.

Only a few days later, TMZ unearthed a video of him partying in Tulum. Brown appeared to be inebriated and in the company of unknown people.

Sergio Brown, according to his high school records at Proviso East, was a strong student with a 3.2 GPA. Later, he enrolled at Notre Dame, intending to play wide receiver but ultimately switching to defence.

After being undrafted in 2010, he was signed to the practise squad by the New England Patriots, but was waived during the final cut. Brown moved from the Indianapolis Colts to the Jacksonville Jaguars, then to the Atlanta Falcons, and lastly to the Buffalo Bills.

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