Ex-vice Detective From Ohio Enters A Guilty Plea For Kidnapping Sex Workers

Federal prosecutors claim that a former Ohio vice detective entered a guilty plea on Thursday to charges of kidnapping victims of sex workers while posing as an officer.

Ex-vice Detective From Ohio Enters A Guilty Plea For Kidnapping Sex Workers

According to the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio, Andrew Mitchell, 59, of Sunbury, entered a guilty plea to one count of obstructing justice and two counts of depriving people of their civil rights while acting under colour of law.

Prosecutors noted that Mitchell worked for the Columbus Division of Police for almost thirty years, with the last two of those years working with the vice union. His employment ended in 2019.

In July 2017, while working as a detective, Mitchell, according to the prosecution, handcuffed a sex worker, drove an unmarked car to a parking lot, and detained her against her will after identifying himself as an officer. Mitchell was wearing plain clothing at the time. Prosecutors alleged that two months later, while once more serving as a plainclothes detective, he asked a prostitute about rates, pretended to be a cop, and then abducted her.

Earlier this year, Mitchell was found not guilty on counts of manslaughter and murder related to the shooting death of a woman he shot while undercover.

In August 2018, while Donna Castleberry, 23, was sitting in his unmarked police car, he shot and killed her. This led to his indictment.

He said that when she stabbed him in the hand while he was conducting an undercover prostitution investigation, he acted in self-defence. In that particular trial, the jury deliberated for almost five hours before returning a verdict.

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