Experts Believe That The Autopsy Of A Missouri Firefighter’s Fiancée Suggests A “Suspicious” Scenario

The circumstances surrounding a St. Louis area woman’s suicide, who was discovered dead in her fiancé’s home, are suspect and call for additional inquiry, according to experts who have studied the medical examiner’s findings.

Experts Believe That The Autopsy Of A Missouri Firefighter's Fiancée Suggests A

Grace Holland, 35, allegedly shot herself in the head on July 22, 2020, in the morning at the residence of her boyfriend, Robert Daus, a local firefighter. This information was provided by Creve Coeur police in Missouri. Her death was determined to be a suicide after county police reviewed the case.

While Daus has not been charged with any crimes, the issue is gaining more attention when Dr Sarah Sweeney, Daus’s 39-year-old fiancée, was discovered dead in his house.

When contacted on Wednesday, Jeffrey Hartman, the chief of police of Creve Coeur, defended the investigation conducted by his department and stated that county police had examined the case and reached the same conclusion: suicide. Additionally, he cautioned against speculating on the matter because Sweeney’s autopsy results are still pending.

According to Sgt. Tracy Panus, the public relations officer for the department, St. Louis County Police were called to investigate Holland’s death and also thought it was a suicide, Fox News Digital was informed on Wednesday. She stated that the matter is still “active” pending the completion of the final evaluation of their findings by the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

Experienced murder investigators who reviewed the medical examiner’s report—which Fox News Digital was able to obtain—found multiple red flags in the document.

It says she was depressed after suffering a second miscarriage and killed herself by shooting herself in the head at point-blank range.

According to the autopsy report, the bullet entered through her left temple and travelled rightward and “slightly backward” from her left temple before stopping close to the back of her skull. The gun, a Glock 42 in.380 calibre, was discovered by first responders next to her right hand.

Her family is suing Daus for wrongful death, claiming that because she was right-handed, the gunshot to the left side of her skull and the purported loss of her $20,000 engagement ring raise red flags in their minds.

“This is all suspicious,” longtime Miami-Dade County homicide detective Pat Diaz told Fox News Digital after reading the medical examiner’s report. “The left temple when you’re right-handed is a telltale sign there’s something wrong.”

He gestured to the way her hands were spread across her belly.

“Your hands fall to the ground,” he said. “I’d want to know if they did gunshot residue on her hands and then his, if they did lab work for that.”

According to the postmortem, the gun jammed after misfiring once before the lethal shot, according to Diaz.

“Left side, backwards – angle is weird,” said Joseph Giacalone, a retired NYPD sergeant and a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He also wanted to know more about the position of her hands when she was found.

“Photos would be key in this,” he said.

Fox News Digital was informed by county health officials that the photos would not be made available to the public as records.

Additionally, according to Holland’s relatives, text messages exchanged between Holland and Daus are proof of an abusive relationship. The lawsuit included excerpts that depict the couple fighting and Daus telling her repeatedly that he wished to end the relationship. Holland’s previous partnership produced four daughters as well.

The Frontenac Police Department is conducting a “sudden death” inquiry into Sweeney’s untimely death on January 13, Cpl. Tim Duda told Fox News Digital. It is anticipated that her toxicology and autopsy results will be finished in the following three to five weeks.

Sweeney was discovered dead on January 13 at 6:39 a.m., according to Frontenac police. She showed “no apparent signs of trauma,” according to a statement from the department.

Mast cell activation syndrome was another diagnosis made by the doctor, Teresa Sweeney Light, the mother of the patient, told Fox News Digital. She said her daughter had the potentially fatal disease under control with medication and that she always carried an EpiPen.

“If the investigation rules she [died] as a result of a homicide, her death should be fully investigated as such, and I pray the person responsible is held accountable,” Hartman said. “I would also expect increased scrutiny on the Creve Coeur case as a result. However, we have not received the ruling on the cause of death for Sarah yet.”

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